saint armand

“Forget me now, Father,” I said. “Forget me, as if the monks had sent me away. But remember this, on account of you, I shall never be buried in the muddy graves of the Monastery. No, other things may befall me. But that, I won’t suffer. Because of you, that you wouldn’t have it, that you came that day and demanded I ride out with you, that I be your son.”

I turned to go. He shot forward, clasping the bottle by the neck in his left hand and clamping his powerful right hand over my wrist. He pulled me down to him, as if I were a mere mortal, with his old strength and he pressed his lips against my bowed head.


                       "Andrei, my angel child, my gifted and golden son!

- The Vampire Armand
Cosplays c @chrissydeath @v-e-r-r-e-t-t

While staying at the asylum in Saint-Rémy six months after cutting off his ear, Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo, “If I throw myself fully into my work again, very good, but I shall always be cracked.” 

We’re welcoming back two of our Van Gogh paintings that have been on loan for the past few months! 

Vincent van Gogh, “Hospital at Saint-Rémy,” 1889. Oil on canvas. 36 5/16 x 28 7/8 in. (92.2 x 73.4 cm). The Armand Hammer Collection, Gift of the Armand Hammer Foundation. Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

shoppythesleepy  asked:

Who's responsible for them thar characters in the bottom left sticker (in the digital image, not the photo)? The cuddly ones? All the characters are adorable but those two caught my eye! .w.

YIKES LMAO, sorry for not responding to this earlier – (in reference to this image) that’d be Saint and Armand from the superb @ruem’s ongoing webcomic Saint For Rent! (they’re canonically cuddly too so 👀👏👀)

Thank you!