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Imagine Steve being r e a l l y sickly as a child, unable too play outside much, always having to stay inside with his mother until he's 5/6. Because of this, his Irish (Gaeilge) is better than his English, and when he speaks English, he has this really heavy accent. When he's finally strong enough to go outside and go to school, he quickly picks up a Brooklyn accent, but sometimes, when he's very mad/upset or just tired, his old accent just slips out. (Imagine spitfire Irish!Steve)

It was a problem at first, because he didn’t know how to say things in English. When he asked ‘conas ta tu,’ for every bemused look he received there were two sneering glances at him and his mother. When he’d run down the stairs after Bucky, throwing a ‘grá agat mháthair!’ behind him, some of the neighbours would scrunch their noses.

So his mother and Bucky and his mother taught Steve how to say it in English, but they never could quite get rid of the accent. It stayed stuck, a quick flowing rhythm that would forever set him apart from his peers. Eventually he learnt how to imitate Bucky, to follow the rhythm and pattern of his voice, but it wasn’t quite right - some words still had a little bit more when Steve said it, no matter how hard he tried.

If Bucky was every annoyed at how often Steve asked him to say certain things he had trouble with, he never showed it.

And then he wakes up in a hospital where everything’s just a bit off, and discovers that it’s not Hydra, it’s the future. The man in front of him is so serious, and the streets support his words, but Steve can’t help the way the words just slip out,

“Na bi ag iarraidh cluain an chacamais a chur orm.” The man blinks, but doesn’t comment on Steves lack of English, but it reminds Steve to keep his English about him as much as possible.

And then there are god damn aliens coming through a fucking portal in the effing sky, and there’s no one close enough to hear his shocked “taimid i sainn an chacamais anois.” But after that, Steve was certain he could stick to English. He’d been speaking it enough years, it should come naturally.

And then SHIELD is Hydra, and Bucky is alive, and Steve gives up.

“Feisigh leat, a bhastaird bhreallghnuisigh. Gabh trasna ort fhein, ar fad agat. Go hionraic. cé chomh fiú…? Feisi!”

Wisely, Sam and Nat let him rant without interruption.