Matteddleite, Pearl and Sainfeldite

This is my entry for @chromarrays 2000 follower contest!

Relationship Description

These three are the representation of a healthy polyamorous relationship. They are currently unaligned. Matteddleite and Sainfeldite met each other first and fell in love with each other, at the dismay of their respective courts. Keeping their relationship hidden after warnings of being shattered, they found Pearl, wandering aimlessly without her owner and both grew very fond of her. They all lived in secret but now that Homeworld’s society has changed for the better, the three can live happy together.

Gems Descriptions

Matteddleite, Matt for short, is a happy-go-lucky, gentle gem who tries to see the good in others. This can be a flaw, as they can be very oblivious to pretty much everything.

Lavender Pearl lost her previous owner, Tiffany Stone, in a commotion that caused them to split. She is a gem of few words but has slowly but surely opened up since her relationship.

Sainfeldite is a little ball of energy. Her size means nothing as she is the strongest of the three, very similar to that of ants. She is also the oldest and most experienced.

I’ve never entered a contest before so I thought this would be cute for me to do! Thank you @chromarrays​ for having such a cool idea! Congrats on 2000+ followers and cheers to many more!