saily to you

the most hopeful/motivating/uplifting twenty one pilots lyrics

I’m taking over my body,

back in control,

no more shotty


I’m not evil to the core

What I shouldn’t do I will fight

I know I’m emotional

What I wanna save I will try

I know who I truly am

I truly do have a chance

Tomorrow I’ll switch the beat

To avoid yesterday’s dance


I will say that we should take a day to break away

from all the pain our brain has made

the game is not played alone

And I will say that we should take a moment and hold it

Keep it frozen and know that life has a hopeful undertone


Together we’re losers

Remember the future

Remember the morning is when night is dead


Your redemption won’t grow stale

We are now just setting sail


I will listen to you all day, yes I will


But I know we’ve made it this far, kid


You will die, but now your life is free

I’m semi-automatic,

my prayer is schizophrenic

But I’ll live on, yeah I’ll live on


The only difference between life and dying

Is one is trying, that is all we’re called to do


No one else is dealing with your demons

Meaning maybe defeating them

Could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.


We stay in place

‘Cause we don’t wanna lose our lives

So let’s think of something better.


One time to think

And I say we start now


Peace will win

And fear will lose


It ain’t the speakers that bump hearts

It’s our hearts that make the beat


Fight it, take the pain, ignite it

Tie a noose around your mind

Loose enough to breath fine and tie it

To a tree tell it, you belong to me, this ain’t a noose

This is a leash and I have news for you

You must obey me


Sometimes you gotta bleed to know

That you’re alive and have a soul


We’re broken people


Together, let’s breathe

Together, to the beat

But there’s hope out the window

So that’s where we’ll go

Let’s go outside and all join hands


Don’t be afraid,

We’re going home

We’re driving towards the morning, son

Where all your blood is washed away

And all you did will be undone


Open up your eyes and see

The clouds above will hold you

The clouds above will sing


You’re my pride and joy

Get up Johnny boy

‘Cause we all need you



Then my new father drained my dirty blood.


Redemption’s not that far

And darkness is going down

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