We don’t take a lot of selfies together because I see your stupid ass every day of my life, but sometimes I just need to publicly proclaim my love for you, aha. We’ve had the shittiest luck and when I was poor or hungry or homeless you always fucking took care of me and now we have a home together which is stupid fucking cool. Thanks for being family to me because no one knows what that means anymore. LOVE YOU @enemyc_nt you かわいい ass niggaaaaaaa. ✌️😘💕🎀🌙 #TeamLifeRuiner #gayaf #WAKAFLOCKA #spoodermen #sweg #superkawaiidesudesu #SAILUHMOON #HippoEsthetics

Dude this person is awesome and deserves the best

So today marks my best freind Ashley’s 16th Birthday and i just want to tell all my followers and everyone out there that this girl is my rock, man. She is the best person i have ever known and continously puts up with my bullshit. I dont know how she does it but shes the best possible freind I have ever had and she deserves the best Birthday ever. So i just wanna go ahead and tell her happy birthday and that she deserves the world.

[ps you should go wish her happy birthday too!:) ]