sails itself i swear

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5. Falling Asleep

Training was tiring. So, so tiring… Berrick could be a Titan Shifter, but he still had his daily dose of energy, just like everyone - well, except that Jäger kid, but he was a very rare and special case.

Berrick had changed into his comfortable, civilian clothes already, and he pretty much fell over his own bunk. The brunette let his body relax, closing his eyes, and when he was sure he was on the verge of falling asleep, Reiner called him.

Slowly, sleepy, Berrick looked at Reiner, rubbing his eyes and blinking afterwards, trying to stay awake. “What’s with you now, Reiner? I’m tired… Please, just let me sleep here… Unless it’s really important, of course, but… I don’t wanna get up…”

kaxaks  asked:

Yamino, you're an awesome person you know that? I couldn't help but smile when seeing your posts about how obsessed you are with frozen. (cause i am too~!) My little sis even bought me an Elsa doll for Christmas and was trying to get me an Anna as well! (but they were sold out at the time) Anyways, I hope you and Ash, as well as your family have a wonderful vacation/wedding! Congrats you two!

Thank you! <3 <3

 I am so happy to be here with my family and with Ash, and that everything came together to let us be married while on this holiday vacation. <3  We had talked about it for a long time, but since it wasn’t legal where we live, we hadn’t considered it a real possibility.  Then we found out gay marriage was legalized just a few weeks before our trip, and we managed to get all the appointments sorted out to make it happen!  It feels like the stars just aligned in our favor and everything worked out so much better than expected. I am so grateful and happy for that. <3

As for Frozen… I’m still kind of embarrassed to post about it as much as I’d like because I’m self-conscious about becoming a 100% Frozen fanblog, but when I get hooked on something it becomes the only thing I can think about.  Specifically, I’m obsessed with a ship that is triply taboo in that it’s queer, incesty, and it’s Disney.  But it’s ironically one of the most adorable and super-lovey-fluffy ships ever? I am still kind of confused about how I got punched so hard in the feels, but it makes me happy and inspires me to draw more and got me to try a new art style.  It even motivated me to try something I’ve always been too afraid to pick up again: writing fanfics.  And they were actually well-recieved, which really boosted my confidence! So I can’t complain.

I’m just so happy looking in the Tumblr tags and seeing I’m not alone.  If Ash wasn’t here to restrain me I probably would have bought a lot more Elsanna merchandise (I swear, this ship sails itself) but it’s the fandom that really makes me happy, all the fic and artwork and headcanons and dissecting all the little actions and subtle story elements.  I just love it. (Fistbump to all the Elsanna shippers who stick up for each other when other people come in the tag to shame them.  I’m on your side!)


Part 2~

This episode didn’t hold a lot of emotional impact as other episodes did, but I suppose that it’s since it’s not really centered on a major problem that Marinette or Adrien is facing. Just silly fun, oh no will someone discover Ladybug’s identity, random civilian villain of the week, fight fight success.

I get that there’s no way that there will be a major villain showdown so early on but what in the world is stopping Hawk Moth from going out and actively getting the Miraculous Stones himself? Is it that the only power he has is the power to transform other people? Will the season finale involve him gaining one of the Miraculous Stones, allowing him to enter the fray himself to hunt down the other one? Why is it that we only ever see him from his obscure villain cave? Why does he want the Miraculous Stones? What would happen if someone possessed them all at once?

More importantly, why am I asking all these questions when episode 7 has only just aired and we won’t be finding out for a long time? Finally, we have the answer to at least one question! It’s because I’m curious and frustrated anD HOW HAS A CHILDREN’S SHOW THAT’S ONLY AIRED IN KOREA SO FAR CONSUMED SO MUCH OF MY LIFE