sails and wings

Human Hearts

Human hearts were never meant to tread
upon the tired dust of old familiar streets
they were made to fearlessly sail instead
upon rolling waves of turquoise sheets 

Not designed or created to be tied down
following their herd forever afraid to try 
instinctively yearning for something more
on wings human hearts were born to fly 

Oft disdainful of this world’s tried and true 
human hearts desire the great unknown 
could they be expected to settle for less
each having been conceived in love alone

The rose bushes float me away.
I am watering my mother’s plants.
The dry air is unstiffened by a faint breeze
And all the birds sing their morning hymns.

The pine trees tug at my thoughts.
I am riding my bike across a campground
While my father buys more wood for the fire.
My mother calls me back for the picnic lunch.

A seagull flaps its wings, sailing and swooping.
I am on a towel on a beach munching on a sandwich.
A seagull snatches my sandwich out of my hands.
I stare in surprise, then I laugh.

A black bird with white wings soars toward the sky.
I find myself on a blue park bench
In the Parc de l'Arboretum, wondering
How many other living things I’ve never seen.

—  Parc de l'Arboretum
Into the Vault.

The Night was silent as the ship sailed through the early morning mists. It was an ancient thing, a creaking hulk painted with stripes of gold upon black. Black sails with two shining wings reaching from furled corner to furled corner soar out into the darkness. She was the Penance, a relic, a survivor of the Broken Shore, and she was moving fast. Atop the deck, a silent crew stood as lookouts, only a small number seeing to aid the ship to her destination. Not a word was spoken as the water parted before her, not a whisper, nor a shout. No commands, no songs, nor jests between bored friends. The ship was grim, clearly, and the gaze of it’s captain did little to help the dark mood. Shining from the top deck, the Highlord watches the ship, bloodshot and ragged eyes darting from the men below to the path ahead. Light burst from his armor, bathing the stern in a golden glow, reflecting off dark waters and abating the mists ahead. Lys Raseri liked the mists, though they held no magic now. This close to Pandaria, fog manifested thickly, a rolling creature of it’s own. A good defense, he thought. One of many. And all of them will be needed. As the Penance sailed on, closer and closer to the island citadel the Highlord knows as home, only he thought on how appropriate the vessel’s name was. Only he could know.

The Cathedral spires reached out of Dawncall Citadel, splitting the Moonlight in two as it fell upon the deck. Shadows of empty walls and immense statues played and fell upon the faces of the assembled crew as they prepared to dock. The Island Fortress was undermanned, for the time being, two whole rings being empty or something close to it. The Water gates opened with the raising of signals and the showing of emblems, talismans, and other means the Highlord had to prove his identity, and authority, leading them deeper into the center of the island. A great river flowed from the coast, into a heavily fortified dock in an artificial lake. Previously ships docked outside the rings- a spy had torpedoed them in harbor. Raseri was not one to let the same mistakes fester. No, he thought to himself, raising his hand and signaling his men to retrieve the weapon from the hold. I cannot let these mistakes happen again.

Golden Elites trailed ahead of black and gold footsoldiers, a grim and silent procession of soldiers transporting a simple wooden crate. Longer, it was, seeming to hold something large, at the least larger than an average man, yet no one save the Highlord and his Highest Guard were allowed to look within. “It’s dangerous even to see. I can’t allow any of you to take that risk. Only the soldiers I trust.” Few dared inquire further- the horrors that both the Nightmare and the Burning Legion had inflicted on many of the surviving soldiers had made them smart enough to take Raseri’s word. The elderly paladin had even admonished glances, peeks, any looks at holes or cracks in the wet and splintered wood. If it was deigned dangerous enough to go into the Sacred Vaults, then maybe he was right. Metal footsteps trod on cobblestone and splashed through puddles of paved road, moving further and further into the Citadel. Near the center, near the Highlord’s personal keep, there lay a mountain- and within it, their destination. Before long, they reached it- coming to a stop before a large, yet simple door. Made of simple stone it was, two sets, reaching far up enough to make the soldiers crane their heads to see the tips of the eagle wings spreading to each corner. Raseri moved forward, somberly, speaking to the leader of the full regiment that guarded the door, and soon the silence was broken with incantations, and opening locks. The doors opened into a pitch blackness, and the Highlord was the first to step inside. A footsoldier stopped long enough to look at the sky- and feel the break of Dawn upon his face, exhaling at the warm sunlight. Without a moment to lose, he pushes, sending the crate into the doors before the light can ever touch it.

And with a slam that breaks the morning still, the doors close.

Disney's 'Star Wars' Land Concept Art Puts You in the Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Empire is expanding, and will soon have outposts established in Orlando and Anaheim. The House of Mouse confirmed this week that the anticipated Star Wars Land expansion — dual 14-acre immersive themed lands at Disneyland and Disney World — would open in 2019, in time for Episode IX, the closing chapter of the central “Skywalker Saga.” The project, announced in 2015, began construction last April. Over the past several months, Disney has been releasing concept art for Star Wars Land, and we’ve collected it all here to give you the flavor of that galaxy that’s suddenly not so far, far away. So strap in, sit back, and click through…

Soaring Over ‘Star Wars’ Land

A Resistance X-wing sails high above the planned park, providing an overview of the various sections, including the Millennium Falcon hangar, shops, and Stormtrooper base. (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies


The conceit of the park is that you are a visitor to a “never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port and one of the last stops before wild space.” (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Hangar Bay

One of two rides in ‘Star Wars’ Land will be a Millennium Falcon simulator, giving you the chance “to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.” (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Enemy Base

Although the Stormtroopers in the art are old-school, the attraction will featuring a second ride where you’re caught up in a battle between the Resistance and First Order troops. (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Millennium Falcon

In addition to the Falcon simulator, the land will have a life-size version of the ship to explore. (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies

‘Star Wars’ Land

The land will also feature themed shops and restaurants (including a cantina!), populated by humanoids and aliens based on the films. (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Disney Imagineers promise a fully immersive experience; no matter where you are in the 14-acre land, you won’t be able to see any other parts of the larger park. (Disney Parks)

Source: Yahoo Movies

Stefan and Elena are in a really good place right now. They overcame that initial awkwardness, there’s no guilt anymore, no more lingering feelings, just pure and true friendship. They’re there for each other. Nothing has changed. They still care for each other deeply.  And how many people are lucky that way, to go through something like that and overcome it? How many fans are lucky that way, to have their ship sail even when its wings are down? They tell us we should stop complaining, that we should be grateful, that we have no reason to miss them because they’re right there, in front of us, every episode.

I miss them. I miss the way she would relax in his arms; how her eyelids would go down, and her body limp, because she knew that he has her. I miss the way she used to say his name; with excitement and relief. It sounded like art; Stefan. It’s Stefan. I love you, Stefan. Come home, Stefan. I miss the way she used to look at him; under her eyelashes; smiling with her eyes; as if just his presence can fix everything; as if she couldn’t breathe normally without him there. I miss the way he used to smile when he was near her; shyly; he would look at her, then down, at the ground, as if he’s embarrassed of being so happy. I miss the way he used to say her name; Elena; I love you, Elena; You’re okay, Elena; I’m so sorry, Elena; as if the mere sound of her name could start up his heart again. Make him feel alive. Be alive. You don’t know how I look like when I’m not in love with you. We do. Please go back to loving her. I miss everything about the Stefan who used to be in love with Elena, and I miss everything about Elena who used to be in love with Stefan. I miss the hugs, the kisses, the looks, the I love’s you, rushing into burning buildings, waking up together, you’re staring; i’m gazing; it’s creepy; it’s romantic; I miss the forehead kisses and his palm sliding over her cheeks, I even miss the tears and disagreements. 

They’re there, they’re right there in front of me, every episode but they’re not. And somehow, that hurts a lot more.

Give me an Icarus
with lily flowers in his mouth
and honey milk in his veins,
and a knack for sailing across
the universe with wings attached
to the heart instead of the back,
hands made of transparent stone
rather than unleashed fire
waiting to lick against the gates
built outside the corners of my
body with its skin and bones,
a boy who stares at the stars
with gaping, quixotic eyes,
who could capture all that light
and put it into a paint brush.
—  hymn to the fallen // p.v.

Lauren Collins on George Steinmetz’s aerial photography

The flying lawn chair is actually a motorized paraglider—a sail, a tank of gas, a propeller, and a seat. Steinmetz is the fuselage. He never flies for fun, but the apparatus has a back-yardish feel: picture a man with a leaf blower on his back, encircled by a metal hula hoop, dangling at altitudes of up to six thousand feet under a tomato-colored beach umbrella. The sail—paragliders call it a “wing,” because it’s cambered, like a bird’s—is connected from its trailing edge to hand controls by two sets of nylon-sheathed brake lines in fluorescent colors. (They look like Silly String.) Steinmetz uses the brake lines, which work the wing like flaps on an airplane, to steer.

Photograph by François Lagarde

The only aircraft carrier ever launched for Germany’s World War II navy, the Kriegsmarine, after launch - December 1938. Christened the Graf Zeppelin she would have sailed with an air wing of 43 aircraft: 10 × Messerschmitt Bf 109T fighters, 13 × Junkers Ju 87C or -E dive bombers and 20 × Fieseler Fi 167 biplane torpedo bombers. She never entered service.