sails and wings

Human Hearts

Human hearts were never meant to tread
upon the tired dust of old familiar streets
they were made to fearlessly sail instead
upon rolling waves of turquoise sheets 

Not designed or created to be tied down
following their herd forever afraid to try 
instinctively yearning for something more
on wings human hearts were born to fly 

Oft disdainful of this world’s tried and true 
human hearts desire the great unknown 
could they be expected to settle for less
each having been conceived in love alone

The rose bushes float me away.
I am watering my mother’s plants.
The dry air is unstiffened by a faint breeze
And all the birds sing their morning hymns.

The pine trees tug at my thoughts.
I am riding my bike across a campground
While my father buys more wood for the fire.
My mother calls me back for the picnic lunch.

A seagull flaps its wings, sailing and swooping.
I am on a towel on a beach munching on a sandwich.
A seagull snatches my sandwich out of my hands.
I stare in surprise, then I laugh.

A black bird with white wings soars toward the sky.
I find myself on a blue park bench
In the Parc de l'Arboretum, wondering
How many other living things I’ve never seen.

—  Parc de l'Arboretum

Drink, for the wind blows cold and
Drink for The Wolf runs free.
Drink to the ships with the sails like wings and
Drink to the storm-tossed seas.

Drink to the lasting nights
and those who warm our beds.
Drink to the mead that warms our hearts
and the cold that clears our head.

Drink to the Allfather’s Eye
for Odin’s sons are we.
Drink to the World-Tree where he hung
and the Runes of Mystery.

Drink to the truth of steel
and blood that falls like rain.
Drink to Valhalla’s golden walls
and to our kinsmen, slain.

Drink to the Glory-field
where a man embraces death, and
thank the gods that we live at all
with our joyous dying breath!

Drink for the wind blows cold and
Drink for the Wolf runs free
Drink to the ships with the sails like wings
for Odin’s sons are we!

-Lifeblood, a Norse drinking song

anonymous asked:

How long have you know Drake? Better question, How long have you known him to have such a soft heart?

“Oh- Drake? Well,” This was going to be a long ramble, but he could tolerate it since it was about his own Elites on the matter. That, and Drake had always been there ever since he acquired the Champion role when he was a teen. 

“Drake, for as long as I can remember, has always been my father’s friend. In fact, I think the first time i’ve ever saw him was when my father was doing a business deal with Mr. Briney. You see, I was actually afraid of him when I was little.” 

“I remember seeing his Salamence for the first time too. I think I was eight when he showed it to us. As embarrassing as it was, his Salamence was actually a sweetheart on the inside. I think, while my father was talking to Mr. Briney, Drake had taken upon himself to tell me a story or two while his Salamence was out of their ball.” 

“He made them sound very fun too- and his Salamence loved to make sound effects each time Drake cued her to. Did you know that Salamence make a great mimic of the noise thunder makes?”

“Either way… i’m ramblings again, i’m sorry. I’ve known him for that long, however our connection has been very spotty until I had the chance to finally battle them when I got to Ever Grande. His dragons are no joke and my own team was struggling hard against them all.” 

“You should never take Drake as being a soft kind of guy. He has handled a lot more than anyone else in the whole League in Ever Grande. Even though he has grown so much, I guess you can say that his heart has always had a soft spot for teaching. He never ceases to give trainers a tip or two when he can.” 


// Today was so awesome. We made such good progress that when we were coming back into the inlet the instructor decided to let us bring the boat all the way into the dock under sail, no power.

We were running with the sails wing and wing. Probably jibed seven or eight times. We had a three man crew so I was manning the mainsail and each time we had an accidental jibe I had to bring the main over. It was super cool but hard work. That’s the most difficult point of sail so It’s pretty neat that the instructor actually let us do it.

Plus the weather was really great today which meant that tons of powerboats were out and each time they passed us making a wake it spilled the wind out of our sails, which added to the difficulty but was really fun. I think a few of the powerboaters must have had sailing experience because they were yelling to us and whistling, telling us we were doing great. They knew what a hard point of sail we were coming in on and how difficult it is to bring a 30 foot sailboat in to port fully under sail power. We all work so well together as a crew and I really hope we can all go out together some other time just to practice so we don’t lose everything we’ve learned. I’m…so in love with sailing now.

I am officially obsessed with Queen

I downloaded ALL of their songs(i have over 150 on my phone) and I’m just listening to them nonstop. My thoughts:

-they’re early stuff is really good! It’s slower but powerful and FEELS!
-Queen II is my fave album now
-Fairy Feller’s Masterstroke is so good and catchy “what a Quaere fellow” great word listen to it
-“White Queen” and “march of the Black Queen” are also such great songs on that album (they were on the White and Black sides of the album respectively)
-“Spread your Wings” and fly away; the chorus part is so good/emotional/and Freddie Mercury’s voice is perfection!
-apparently “I want to break free” was written by John Deacon, not Freddie, so I’ve had to reevaluate my interpretation of the meaning.
-why was “Flick of the Wrist” never a Single? It deserves recognition
-the Prophet’s Song is fascinating; “oh, people gather round/listen to the warning/the seer-he said”
-teo torriatte and you take my breath away are also great slow songs
-apparently Brian May was the one with an interest in foreign languages because he wrote teo torriate and las palabras de amor
-good old fashioned loverboy is as fabulously gay as ever
-sail away sweet sister is also slow/feels (even if Brian May is on lead vocals instead of Freddie)
-“Don’t try Suicide” was….interesting/surprising.
-also surprising was not only the presence of the song “Jesus” on the first album, but also the fact that it was written by Freddie, whose family practiced Zoroastrianism
-“Save Me” is always feels (and it makes me think of wolfstar after Sirius goes to azkaban and Remus is left thinking him a traitor)
-“I can’t live with you”(but I can’t live without you) is good and the title contradicts the point in an interesting way.
-Innuendo is another one if my fave albums, with songs like “the show must go on” and “I’m going slightly mad”, which has the best music video
-made in Heaven was released years after Freddie’s death and it’s such a beautiful/elegant album

In Conclusion:
~Queen II is a great, but ignored, album
~Everyone needs to listen to Fairy Fellers Masterstroke, Flick of The Wrist, white Queen, and March of the Black Queen; these are such great underrated/ignored songs
-also Lily of the Valley, Nevermore, and My Fairy King
~such great, slow, Powerful songs! Spread Your Wings, Sail Away Sweet Sister, you take my breath away, and Teo Torriatte
~The Prophet’s Song is fascinating/unique
~basically I have an obsession but it’s suCH AMAZING MUSIC!

Give me an Icarus
with lily flowers in his mouth
and honey milk in his veins,
and a knack for sailing across
the universe with wings attached
to the heart instead of the back,
hands made of transparent stone
rather than unleashed fire
waiting to lick against the gates
built outside the corners of my
body with its skin and bones,
a boy who stares at the stars
with gaping, quixotic eyes,
who could capture all that light
and put it into a paint brush.
—  hymn to the fallen // p.v.