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Quick question what song does siren Yuri usually sing

He sings different songs. If he’s singing to ships, he sings of the sailor’s greatest desires, to lure them onto the rocks. If he’s singing to himself, he’ll sing about things he’s fond of, to keep his own mood light.

For the crew, he’ll sing lively songs so they can forget the time and work or dance without getting tired. For Victor… well, there might be a mention of that in the future.

Oh Sailor Mine

A/N: So I have been working on this since April 2015 off and on, I love reading all the amazing fanfics you creative individuals put out for people like me to get lost in.  But I had this idea for a fic, and with school I knew I would never be able to post it without finishing it completely (because as a reader I hate when I am in reading something and it stops) and so here’s just a little one-shot. Hope you all enjoy and I know it’s probably not the best but it’s been in my docs for almost 2 years now and I reread it today and felt like posting.  Hope you enjoy! 


She had this desire toward the captain that was inappropriate for a princess to feel but alas no matter how many times she scrubbed her eyes and pinched herself for her impure thoughts she could not shake him from her mind.  Every time Captain Killian Jones would come into port and gives her parents updates on his most recent voyage, her dreams would always become a little more vivid.  Despite her upcoming age to become eligible for marriage to one of the many suitors her mother restlessly had come visit the palace, her and Killian had established a friendly relationship towards one another.  Though he was the perfect gentleman in front of her parents at dinners and royal functions, anytime they were alone she felt like his blue eyes would change to a slightly darker shade and he would stand more closely to her than what was deemed appropriate from all of the etiquette books her tutors had given her as a girl.  Her days seemed less dull in his company and their discussions held her interest more than any of her potential suitors.

As he escorted her through the garden one hot summer afternoon, she felt like she was going to die of heat in her dress, she kept trying to fan herself but it seemed like the relentless sun gleamed even brighter despite her attempts at relief.  

“Sometimes I wish I could just be rid of all these stuffy layers” she muttered as she sat down on a bench and patted the spot next to her for him to join her.

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Obligation & Desire, a sailor moon fanfic | FanFiction
Set in the Silver Millennium, this story aims to be the ultimate SilMil soap opera, with all the period intrigue, drama, fluff, politics and sexiness you could imagine

Newwww sttoorrryyyy!!!! Featuring these two, adorable, way too beautiful for their own good idiots:

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Okay, let’s come out of capslock to talk about this. There are two major things I see happening here, and they’re both pretty amazing.

First – most obviously, most importantly, and most SOUL CRUSHINGLY – we have Crow laying it out in the most direct way yet just how important Siren has been to everything she’s done. The context is here in these past few episodes that Siren is gone, but as I’ve written rather a lot about, I feel it stretches much further than that. Still, in the here and now, Crow is laying it out as clear as I think she ever will: she and Siren looked out for each other.

Crow’s been trying to get this done, as much for Siren as anything, I think. It’s been eating at her that Siren didn’t get the True Star Seed, not just because that led to her death, but because it implies that she failed. That’s what really gets to Crow in the first direct conversation we see her have with Fuckoff Meow. Fuckoff Meow keeps saying that Siren couldn’t do the job, that it was too much for her and she couldn’t keep up, and Crow LOSES HER SHIT. That Siren is dead is obviously the worst thing, but that her memory is being shat on is something Crow can’t abide. Siren was GOOD at what she did, and if she’d had just one more chance, she would’ve proven she was better than everyone.

We’ve seen how it’s been eating away at Crow. She’s lost her focus. She’s caught between trying to prove Siren’s methods were good ones (and they were, for SIREN) and trying to save her own ass. As a result, she’s been fucking up all over the place.

But now she’s back. Fuckoff Meow comments on Crow’s confidence. She’s determined and certain. She’s everything she hasn’t quite been able to be since Siren died.

And she can do it BECAUSE of Siren.

That’s the best thing in what Crow says here. She isn’t full of false bravado and misplaced arrogance. She knows that the reason she can be confident right now is because Siren figured it out and left the information behind, almost certainly, I think, for Crow to find in case something went wrong.

That’s how Crow and Siren were. They pushed and pulled each other through this nightmare, keeping each other going, compensating for each other’s weaknesses, augmenting each other’s strengths. They are rivals in the best sense of the word. They make each other BETTER. Even after Siren’s death, she’s still got Crow’s back.

That’s what Fuckoff Meow can never hope to understand. She has no idea what it means to truly have and be a rival.

Which brings us to the second thing that I think is great about this, because this is such a delightful fuck you to Fuckoff Meow. Throughout her episodes, her actions depend on Crow’s. Following her, butting in, shooting her ridiculous gun to try and steal victory, getting the drop on her and taking her place at the idol auditions. Hell, we even have this from their first one-on-one exchange after Siren’s death:

She’s talking as though she and Crow are in direct competition. Everything Fuckoff Meow has done says the same thing.

Fuckoff Meow thinks that she’s Crow’s new rival.

But she can’t ever hope to be because she doesn’t get it. Right here, Crow lets her know in no uncertain terms that she never, ever will. She isn’t good enough to even UNDERSTAND, let alone hope to take Siren’s place.

And that, more than anything, infuriates Fuckoff Meow.



[ITEM] Pink Moon Stick.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ピンク・ムーン・スティック
Romaji: Pinku Muun Sutikku

User: Sailor Chibimoon
First appearance: Episode 103
Last appearance: Episode 130
Status: Upgraded to the Crystal Carillon.


  • In the manga, Sailor Chibimoon’s desire to help the other Sailor Senshi turned Luna P into this wand. Its origins in the anime were not explained, though.
  • While it was damaged during the fight with Rangy in episode 127, the Pink Moon Stick was fixed by episode 130.

The villain plots in Sailor Moon and Doctor Who appear to be entirely interchangeable. Like, you could make a game called “Sailor Moon or Doctor Who plot?”

-A new elite school opens up that accepts only the most gifted and intelligent girls, but something seems off. Our heroes sneak in one of their own and discover the woman in charge is actually turning the girls into her minions. Sailor Moon… or Doctor Who?

-A shop around the corner is selling televisions for a shockingly cheap price, and everyone is buying! It turns out that everyone who watches these evil TVs will have their energy sucked away by an evil being. Sailor Moon… or Doctor Who?

-A fortune teller shows up out of nowhere and suddenly skyrockets to popularity with her fortunes. In the end, she turns out to be a monster preying on human desires. Sailor Moon… or Doctor Who?

-Our heroes are still young and unmarried, but they wind up hanging out with their daughter from the future anyway. Sailor Moon… or Doctor Who? TRICK QUESTION THE ANSWER IS BOTH.


I know this is a crazy bright and different color combination, but, I love it. I did stripes and tie dye using China Glaze Hey Sailor, Essie Fear or Desire, Maybelline Color Show Pink Shock,  A Franken of Wet N’ Wild Lean and Green mixed with Orly Green Apple, Orly Liquid Vinyl, A Franken of Sinful Colors Pull Over with Lime Crimes Crema De Limon’ and Orly White Tips.