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You should pick some sailor moon blogs (that you know well) and match them with the sailor soldier they remind you of:)



Okay okay. Here I go.

I’m gonna give Sarah Ami. Not because of her intelligence (I actually hate when people classify Ami as “smart” and that’s all she has to offer). Sarah’s the kind of sweetheart girl that comes off as shy or quiet, but would give you the shirt off your back. I’ve actually known her since grade 1, and she’s always been this way :)

I’m gonna give Katy Mako. I know Mina’s her favourite, but Katy just SCREAMS Mako. I’ve never seen anyone stick up for themselves like she does, it’s really admirable, actually. The thing about Mako is is that she comes off as SUCH a badass, but underneath she’s a squishy teddy bear and THAT is sooo Katy :)

I’m gonna give Claudia Michiru. I’ve always seen Claudia as SO fabulous and so flawless and even elegant. I’ve never seen her post some that sounded unintelligent (like I do all the time), and I’ve never seen a picture of her where she didn’t look flawless.

I’m gonna give Hope Chibiusa because she’s SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE. She fangirls, much like I do, about the most adorable things. Her post about reaching 15 followers a few nights ago was sooooo adorable. I see her as a little pink haired thing that is constantly cheery and happy, but also worrying about other people and wanting to help them.

This one is going to seem really strange, but I’m going to give Morgan Hotaru. Just because whenever I imagine Morgan, even knowing she is the oldest in her family, I imagine her as this little adorable package of cuteness. Hotaru has her struggles, and Morgan has had hers, but Morgan is……powerful. I feel like she could do anything she set her mind to. She’s also a super sweetheart, much like Hotaru. Through everything with my mom, Morgan has been here for me and I thank her for that.

I’m gonna give Emma Setsuna. Emma, even though I don’t know a whooooooole lot about her personality yet (we are JUST becoming friends), she strikes me as one of the quieter girls, but she simply oozes creativity. Much like Setsuna, I also find Emma to be super gorgeous.

My bby Tom 1000000% gets Mina. No second thoughts. He manages to be SUH fabulous, and then so fangirly. We are so much alike sometimes it’s HILARIOUS. Literally the only difference is that I’m not 100000% sure Tom wants to be ~~an idol~~ like Mina does, but he probably could if he wanted TBH.

I’m Rei, and no one is more Rei than I am so no one gets her because 
*in my best voldemort voice*

neither can live while the other survives 



And I have NO idea who to make Haruka. Not one. 

I also don’t want to give Usagi to anyone, because I feel like everyone has too much Usagi in them to pigeon hole it to one user.