Princess Serenity Enchanted Moon Necklace featuring a crescent moon focal pendant surrounded by white glass pearls and antique gold findings.

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Harvey’s Anime Transformation/Tokusatsu Theme | The Music of Harvey Beaks

The world of Anime had always been outside my interests (or comfort zone) until very recently when a friend got me to start watching a particular series that really opened my eyes to the potential of the genre. I almost regret not having paid attention sooner, as it seems to a big influence to many of the people I work with– including the artists on Harvey Beaks.

In the case of the episode, “Nature of Nature,” we needed a piece of music reminiscent of a classic SAILOR MOON transformation mixed with a Tokusatsu Action/Hero theme. The extra challenge I gave to myself was to make it sound like it was written & recorded in the late 80’s or 90’s. You will notice the use of cheesier synth sounds, outdated drum samples, sampled slap bass, and corny string patches (that I would normally avoid!) as well as a blown out final mix that borders on vhs tape quality. This may have been harder to write & produce than some of the orchestral music I’ve done.


Luna and Sailor Mercury!!! Both feature nails handpainted with a magical purple glitter ombré on clear sculpted gel extensions. 💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕

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Nail art time ⏰ 60mins
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