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Order Doodles 

Thank you everyone for their orders ever since I’ve relaunched my online shop :). I’ve sold over 75% of my Sailor Moon Washi tape. For those who are interested, grab one before they’re gone!

Here are some doodles on packages sent out over the last month. I try to doodle something on every package, and pray that they all arrive safely :’D

(Lol…seeing them together, it looks like they were each drawn by a different person .-.)

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Adding small details on #Luna prints 💖🌙🌟✨ #handembellishedprint #sailormoon #artemis #luna


Queen Serenity and Luna…
Who could they be to each other?..
The Queen and Her maid? 
Friends, who can talk about everything?
Adoptive mother and the adopted daughter?

Queen Serenity - me, @sapphiremelles
Luna - @likanda
Photo by Eva and @poisongrimi


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