Artist Alley table H19
This is the first time I am offering my work at a con! I will be working with
who was kind enough to share her table with me! Be sure to stop by and see us!

NEW items pictured will be available later this month at 


In the spirit of Halloween, here are a few shots of the Sailor Troopers that I never got around to cross-posting to tumblr! We couldn’t resist doing some gunship nose art poses.

Sailor Rex by Knight Riven Cosplay

Sailor Cody by 37 O’Clock Cosplay (me!)

Photography by Emby and Ben Roeger

Katsucon! It was my first one and very crowded, but very fun. Naoi and KoriStarFire made my weekend. A huge thank you to Naoi for sewing my Uranus costume and another huge thank you to @koristarfire for cutting Naoi’s wig and doing our makeup! I cast the stars and made the tiaras.

Katsucon 2016
Sailor Neptune - KoriStarFire
Sailor Saturn - Naoi
Sailor Uranus - me

Photo by MissMallo