My sea legs went south
Where they put strange
Creatures on old maps
Imagine if they
Never had a
Net at the circus

This definitely leaves book amounts of time
For those long boat rides home
To think about where waves are going
Or pray for a new home inside a whale’s stomach

That i could decorate like an elephants.
With some different lighting you wouldn’t even know the difference.

WE LOOK GOOD (In The Distance)
In the distance (The Distance)
The distance

If not for me
and not for you
then for every painting ever made of the ocean blue

Sailor to attempt record-setting circumnavigation from Victoria

Jeanne Socrates, 74, hopes to become the oldest person to sail solo non-stop around the world.

The British sailor will set sail from Victoria on Wednesday and will spend roughly the next eight months on the S/V Nereida. If she’s successful in the feat, she will edge out the record currently held by a 71-year-old man from Japan.

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