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Well, I guess you could just watch the English Version. Fun fact: Cristina Vee voices Marinette and Sailor Mars.

Here’s the problem: the English version is the one I watch when I want to laugh like crazy because it’s overall terrible. Lines are weird and make little sense (like Adrien saying Ladybug has his mother’s EYES?? Mama Agreste has green eyes and Ladybug has blue?), Adrien’s father not giving him anything but a pen for his birthday isn’t even canon in the French version (because, well, it’s honestly ridiculous), the French version also does not give Hawkmoth any lines saying he wants to take over the world (which I prefer because I want him to not have the stereotypical villain motivation), also, I think a lot of the voices in the English are laughable (which isn’t to say the voice actors aren’t talented, cuz they are, but they make some odd choices with their voice approaches in this show and Gabriel/Hawkmoth’s voice is the only one that’s honestly really enjoyable to me).

Also…’I am a cat’ is a line in the opening. Like, come on. Did we really need that basic of an intro for ya, dude? That and Chat’s lines that all sound submissive to Ladybug are suddenly changed around to sound like he wants to take control or something and that is complete bullshit.

I love the English version in it’s own funny over-the-top way but when I want to get serious about the characters and plot, I want the French version with the original French lines. The characters are deeper and more human in the French version while the English honestly seems to make fun of and simplify things that really should be made more human. And when my favorite character is Gabriel/Hawkmoth, I need that human element cuz all they want to do is make him out to be the stereotypical villian and stereotypical distant father without giving reason that would be closer to real life abusive situations when children really need to be given a way to see those bad behaviors if their own parents are displaying them.

So, yeah, I want the French version and I want it with the actual French dialogue translations and I’ll fight for it.

Also, fun fact: When Christina Vee voices Sailor Mars, it’s with the original Japanese dialogue for the original Japanese Sailor Moon script translated directly. You won’t see any characters with blue eyes being told they have the eyes of someone with green eyes there, my dude. 

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Hello, I was wondering if there's any official info about the character's heights? Because I've seen different sites saying different stuff about each character, the only one who stays the same in all sites is Usagi with 4'11''.

As far as I know there isn’t an official measurement of the senshi.

There is, however, this settai from the first season where they compare the main character heights for visual references and animation purposes.

Unfortunately, they didn’t give any numerical information just visual reference.

Actually, we have numerical reference coming from the Sailor Moon RPG Resource book.

Usagi - 4'11’’
Ami - 5'2’’
Rei - 5'3’’
Makoto - 5'6’’
Minako - 5'0’’
Mamoru - 6'2’’
Haruka - 5'8’’
Michiru - 5'4’’
Setsuna - 5'6’’
Hotaru - 3'9’‘ 

Nonetheless, I don’t consider this canon since this info says that Ami is actually taller than Minako when this isn’t the case in any Sailor Moon installment.

Unless Crystal comes up with new profile bios with this kind of information, we’ll never have official and canon information about their heights.

Not that this is a problem imo.

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...I have just discovered your Sailor Ace AU, and I DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS MISSING FROM MY LIFE. (I'm also a Law fan, so I look forward to seeing what you make of him! I think that he and Ace would bond over how many problems get solved by SETTING THINGS ON FIRE).

Haha, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! Law is actually a big part of this. He’s one of the strongest Scouts, actually, after Venus, due to circumstances. For the same reason, he also learned to be well careful about his fire, though, because Mars is fueled by passion and Law has a lot of that!

He and Ace don’t really get off to the best start, unfortunately. Law is unimpressed by his introduction and frankly appalled by the half-baked nature of Ace’s plans. Then they require a distraction, at some point, and, well. Let’s just say a firestorm is very distracting~

Turn loose the mermaids(part 19)

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The Swampy Cove was the most fucking stupid name they could have ever come with for the little island they hid the ammunition in, but he had decided to let a drunk Ivan have the pleasure of naming it. Oh well, it could have been worse. It was certainly better than Shrimp’s Lagoon. As for the ammo, well, it was a habit of Chat. He had some small, unpopulated islands where he decided to make little storages. Ammo, food, medicine. He had them marked, cause he liked being prepared. You never knew when a place like that would come in handy. When a battle would end up badly and they might be too far away from any port.

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