Sailor Senshi Correspondences

Sailor Moon/Chibi Moon: Self Love, Confidence, Justice, Compassion, Determination, Moon Magic

Sailor Venus: Love (all types), Leadership, Success, Motivation, Glamour Spells

Sailor Mercury: Wisdom, Healing, Logic, Studying, Technology Witchcraft

Sailor Mars: Psychic abilities, Protection from spirits, Spirit Work, Passion, Self Control

Sailor Jupiter: Strength, Domestic Works, Green Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchcraft, Protection in the Home, Gardening, Cooking, Crafts. 

Sailor Neptune: Creativity, Intuition, Reveals Hidden Truths, Sea WItchcraft

Sailor Uranus: Travel, Freedom, Liberation, Weather Work

Sailor Pluto: Cosmic Witchcraft, Astrology, Change, Past Lives, Astral Travel, Protection in other realms and time

Sailor Saturn: Power, Destruction, Silence, Rebirth, Cursing


Girl Meets Ski Lodge Spoilers

In reguards to Joshaya ship:

Age has no boundaries when it comes to love. I’m not saying that Josh and Maya are in love, but they see potential in each other that shows that they care about each other too much to ruin it now. I really value the relationship that I see forming within the show. A three years age difference shouldn’t define anything. In the episode, they said they were in it for the long game. That shows that they don’t want to ruin it now by starting the relationship when they aren’t mature enough. They don’t want to ruin a relationship that they see it lasting for a long time. The long game is a recurring theme, which I see the writers pulling through in a sooner episode than you may think. In regards to the age thing I think of Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask). Usagi was in middle school while Mamoru was in High School when they began a relationship. These shows are on two different levels but have a similar concept in the relationship field. Feelings define a relationship, NOT age. Maya and Josh have more potential then we all realize


Ale’s entry for Character Design Challenge!

I discovered that Naoko Takeuchi took her inspiration by the Greek Myths, so I re-imagined Neo Queen Serenity as Artemis, goddess of Moon and Hunting, and I portrayed her as a winged goddess with bow and arrow!

Hope you like her :)

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