From the 2014.01.31 broadcast of A-Studio featuring Kitagawa Keiko as a guest.

They talk about PGSM in the first half, around 2:02 to 12:14, because the host mentioned he watched it because she was appearing on the programme and he wanted to see something from when she had first started acting. The most relevant minute of stuff has been subbed by some diligent fan here:

(Please note that the video doubles up - the second half is just a muted copy of the first - probably in an attempt to avoid being taken down for copyright infringement.)

However, the above video doesn’t cover her talking about how she prepared for the PGSM audition in a particularly… unique… way. It’s a pretty long summary, so jump under the cut if you’re interested.

Apart from the PGSM, though, the video is still entertaining just because of the audience. I don’t know whether they knew she was going to be the guest, but the response when she comes out is kinda amazing. It sort of dies down a little as she walks to the chairs, but then she waves to them and then the kyaa-ing and shouts of “kawaii” immediately start up again. And then there’s this bit where she puts her glasses on to see a picture more clearly, which is followed by a general “ohhh~” reaction… XD

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Magical Birthday

My birthday is going to be a magical girl themed,and I’m having a trouble picking the kind of dessert,please help<3

cake 1

cake 2

cake 3