Venus Power Make Up!
Yush!! Minako Aino as Sailor Venus in my custom fashion design eheh. The blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations. They really make each other pop <3 

Tools: Sakura Micron multiliner, Dr. Ph. Martins concentrated watercolors, Deleter opaque white, Faber Castell polychromos
Holbein Artist`s watercolors, Copic marker, Canson mi teintes watercolor paper

anonymous asked:

I genuinely don't understand how Madoka Magica appeals to everybody, while Sailor Moon and PreCure apply (mainly) exclusively to girls. But maybe that's because I'm a dude and most of the time I can't recognize subtlety very well.

Because it doesn’t brand itself as a girl product, Precure and Sailor Moon are incredibly obvious they are marketed toward girls (ESPECIALLY Precure), Madoka is just a story about Magical Girls in a dark world.

That’s the difference.

Since Toei is low on budget, why are they even making a new Dragon Ball Z movie,New pretty Cure season and movie and Sailor moon Crystal? And they also started making a anime adaption of WT and the quality is just plain horrible. I can tell they’re trying to earn money with it but… yeah… they own like so many popular animes and yet why are they low on budgets?

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