In the Name of the Nightosphere and the Candy Kingdom, We Will Punish You!

I’m Sailor Marceline:

Sailor Bubblegum is Tiffany Diaz Cosplay:


Worn to MomoCon 2013

The original idea for this image came from the Sailor Moon references in Adventure Time and the art and character design of Natasha Allegri, who considers Sailor Moon to be a huge influence. From there, we saw the artwork of KnockMeOut, which you can see here:
That inspired the color choices and general look of the outfit.

I love the idea of strong female characters, and I feel like both Adventure Time and Sailor Moon has that.


A few more photos from our shoot. I look very vampire-y in the first one.

The filter our photographer used in my Marceline photos removed the yellow tones, which is why the tiara blends into my skin. Since I get asked it a lot: The skintones to these cosplays were not photoshopped. It was a lot of body paint and sealer, and it took us about 3 hours to apply it.

Sailor Marceline:

Sailor Bubblegum:


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Here’s the main post with our photoshoot:

In the Name of the Nightosphere and the Candy Kingdom!

So check those out if you get a chance.

Supanova Adventure starts tomorrow!

It is my first Supanova, my first group cosplay. I am getting excited. I currently have a showercap on my head with Electric Tiger Lily Manic Panic underneath.

Tomorrow is our group’s sweatshop day where we all are just finishing our cosplay seifukus. We’re doing Sailor Adventure Time. I’m Sailor Flame Princess. On the first day I’m cosplaying as Enigma, the Riddler’s Daughter from DC Comics. 

Right now my hands are cold, too cold to type, and I have pinning of pattern pieces. Time to go back to watching Charmed while sewing.

See you on the otherside of the weekend. WIth pictures.

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