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Hi, I'm sorry I'm sure you're getting burnt out on todomomo so this is the last (from me!) What about a situation where Todoroki accidentally burns Momo with his left side? Aaangst ;_;

;Play With Fire

They’d been searching for hours. Dusk gave warning to sailors at sea, streaking the sky a bloody red that sent chills through Momo’s spine. Shadows lurched and spread from buildings, making it difficult to see through alleys and narrow streets. She had to find him. 

In the distance, Momo could hear classmates screaming Todoroki’s name. Some of them were panicked. Others sounded worried. Momo, however, couldn’t bring herself to voice his name.

She’d never forget the ache of longing in his eyes. She’d met his gaze seconds before he’d fled school grounds. If she didn’t know any better, Momo would have sworn his entire body was covered in flame. The exam was going well – he was at odds with Bakugou for some time, trading blows that could split the world at its very core – until suddenly he stopped, shut down like a phone with no battery. She remembered Bakugou restraining his fist in the air, remembered the glimmer of fear in Todoroki’s eyes. It was as though he’d seen a ghost. 

Shaking the exam from her thoughts, Momo ducked into an alley to her right and stole into the shadows. She found him crouching at the end of the street, where a towering wall brought the passage to a dead end. He was holding his face in his hands. Though she could tell he was mumbling, Todoroki’s voice didn’t quite reach her ears.

‘Todoroki,’ she whispered, approaching with practised caution. ‘Come back with me, okay?’

He didn’t speak.

Inhaling a deep breath, Momo crouched to place a hand on his shoulder. Todoroki swung around instinctively. His hand connected with the side of her neck. The pain was blinding. Something hot seared through her skin. The stench of it burning was dizzying. 

Tumbling into the wall, Momo slid her fingers into the gap between the bricks and forced herself upright. Todoroki was staring at her, his eyes wide. His right hand, she saw, was coated in flame. 

‘It won’t stop,’ he said. ‘It won’t stop. I’m going to look like him.’ 


‘Don’t come near me!’ he yelled. 

Momo winced against the pain in her neck and eased herself off the wall. Forcing herself to approach him, she dropped to her knees on the ground and slid an arm carefully around his neck. He kept his hands in the air, away from her face, and let out a miserable sound as she embraced him.

‘You’re Shouto,’ she said. 

His breathing was laboured. ‘Your neck…’

Momo combed her fingers through his hair. ‘Listen to me,’ she said. ‘You’re Shouto. You’re a member of Class 1-A. Together, we’re going to become pros. You’re going to use fire and ice to save people’s lives. Your strength is growing. Your quirk is developing. That’s a good thing. You’re going to be your own hero. You’re going to help so many people.’

His breathing quietened. After a moment, his hands moved to her back. Neither of them burned. In fact, they were a pleasant warmth that made her heart flutter at the comfort of being held.

‘You’re not alone,’ Momo told him.

A heartbeat later, Todoroki was pushing Momo away, his hands firm on her shoulders. He stared at her neck, which still throbbed with a painful heat. His right hand moved along her shoulder, spreading a chill through her body. It soothed the burn, but the pain was still a phantom in her mind.

‘It’ll leave a mark,’ he said, mostly to himself. ‘Damn it. That bastard is always…no.’ Todoroki’s eyes snapped up to hers. ‘It was me. This was my fault. I’m sorry, Momo. Your skin is–’

‘I have plenty more,’ she said. ‘Besides, what kind of hero doesn’t have a few scrapes and scars here and there?’

He looked to resist a smile. They stared at each other for a moment, seeking comfort in the silence. She’d wear the burn with pride. It was proof that she’d done something to help him. She’d reached out and helped someone she cared about. That was enough.

‘I’ve found Shouto!’ a voice yelled from above.

‘He’s with Yaoyorozu,’ another said behind them.

‘Way to go, vice-pres!’ 

‘Bastard!’ Bakugou, she realised. ‘Don’t just walk away from a fight!’

Footsteps echoed into the alleyway. 

‘Everyone’s looking for you,’ Momo explained. ‘They’re worried.’ 

‘What about the exam?’ he asked. 

A hint of guilt touched his eyes. 

Momo smiled to herself. ‘For us, Shouto Todoroki is far more important.’ 

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If there's one thing I'm disappointed the anime didn't utilize it was Mako's plant based attacks alongside the lightning attacks.

They certainly didn’t do it throughout, nor going into much detail of it beyond the animation, but wasn’t Jupiter Oak Evolution essentially this?

I always saw it as plant + lightning, anyway.


Sailor Moon Drops - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino Special Moves

Sailor Jupiter: Supreme Thunder [Level 2 - destroys 4-6 random gems] & Sparkling Wide Pressure [Level 5 - destroys 7-9 random gems]

Makoto Kino (School Uniform): Rose Earrings [Level 2 - creates one Popping Gem] & Wanna Share My Lunch? [Level 5 - creates two Popping Gems]

Makoto Kino (Apron): Wanna Share My Lunch? [Level 2 - random chance of clearing entire row] & Want Some Cake? [Level 5 - slightly better chance of clearing entire row]



Sailor Moon Crystal - Moon Soldier
AMV by StrawbryKist

The editing on this one!!! A++ 5.5/5
Showed this to a friend who’s never seen Sailor Moon Crystal before - yeah she totally wants to watch it now. Epic AMV is epic!