sailor usako

Let’s face it, I couldn’t go to a comic convention and not make a Sailor Moon drawing! 😜✏ She’s too awesome! 🌙🎀🐱✨ I brought her with me to C2E2 along with some other originals too! 😊❤ If you’re going to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, I’ll be here April 21st-23rd with fun goodies at Artist Alley table T1! 😀 Stop by to get something special or just to say hi! 🤗💞 I can’t wait to get this con started! 😆🎉

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AHHHHHHH!!! How did I miss this? Today is a good day for reviews. I am blessed. Thank you so much for your words. This little drabble is close to my heart and I am so glad you enjoyed it. Every time I hurt Renji, I feel so much guilt because I think of you, but you’re right, there is no way he’s actually happy in this marriage.