sailor twilight


[ATTACK] Moon Twilight Flash.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

Kana: ムーン・トワイライト・フラッシュ
Romaji: Muun Towairaito Furasshu

User: Sailor Moon
Item required: Tiara
First appearance: Act 4
Last appearance: Act 7


  • In the the Japanese version of Crystal, Sailor Moon did not say the technique’s name. It was added into the script for Viz’s English dub, though.
  • This attack was omitted from the first anime series.
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Twin Twilight: …it wasn’t what I would have called my best entrance.

((Due to changes in the characters, Twilight and Duskfall are now replaced with another version of the duo: a pair of conjoined twins. They have no connection to the original Twilight and Duskfall, so we hope that you treat them the same as you would with any other new character.))


“Hey, Twilight. Real talk?" 



I am of course referencing the famous scene after which the Game Grumps run out of material during the Joe and Mac Finale

I love Game Grumps. 

Oh, and yes. The characters from other blogs will interact with Fraglantia from time to time. It’s a nice way for me to have fun with them outside of canon :3

Featuring: Sailor Magic and Sonic the Hedgehog


So, I’m doing a thing.

Another little SFM for GLF. This time, it’s a liiittle bit darker.

Audio from Batman: Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2