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Happy eclipse. Please remember.

Wear eye protection and keep animals inside. You don’t want to burn your eyes!

This would be the best day to defeat the fire nation.

Don’t buy any strange plants today. We don’t want a repeat of what happened in the 60’s.

If you see a traveling circus suddenly appear in your hometown after the eclipse, don’t visit the circus. Don’t confront the circus members alone. Seriously, you should just let the local Sailor Scouts handle them.

If once upon a time you were falling in love, but now you’re falling apart, we can’t help you. That’s a different total eclipse.

Spoiler alert! Bella chooses Edward.

It’s Janurary 19th, thus it’s been 1 Year since the Twibrary opened it’s doors!

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This group hasn’t been the easiest to maintain. We’ve had at least some unfortunate departures from beloved members, we’ve had some backstage drama, and we have some promising members that we invited and welcomed but have not contacted us since then. And we seemed to at times lack motivation in bringing another update to the blog as well.

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[EPISODE] Act 4. Kamenbutoukai - MASQUERADE -.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

Kana: 仮面舞踏会 - MASQUERADE -
Romaji: Kamenbutoukai - Masukareedo -

Original Air Date: August 16, 2014

Director: Hiroyuki Satou
Writer: Mutsumi Ito
Animation Director: Ken Ueno, Yasuhiro Namatame

Plot: The Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and the Dark Kingdom all suspect that the visiting D Kingdom’s mysterious treasure is the Silver Crystal.


  • The name “Hodansha Comics” was on the cover of one of Usagi's tankoubon. This is a play on Kodansha, the Japanese company that published the Sailor Moon manga.
  • In the newspaper that Ikuko was reading, there was a picture of Sailor Moon being attacked (by Jadeite in the previous episode). However, this incident took place in the Dark Kingdom’s realm. Who snapped the photo and then leaked it to the press?
  • The Hensou Pen was suddenly in Usagi’s shirt pocket after the car zoomed by. Yet in the prior close-up shot, the pen was not there. 
  • Just before her new tiara formed on her forehead, Sailor Moon was seen without her barrettes and odango accents.
  • Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars joked about whether or not Umino was attractive without his glasses. Naoko Takeuchi said in an interview that Umino was supposed to be handsome without glasses.
  • In the manga, Sailor Moon accidentally drank some alcohol at the end of the act. Here, she simply fell asleep because she was tired.
  • Makoto Kino briefly appeared at the end of the episode. Unlike Ami and Rei in their cameos, Makoto actually spoke.


  • Kenji Tsukino and Kunzite were introduced.
  • Sailor Moon acquired a new tiara in this episode.
  • Moon Twilight Flash (unnamed) was used for the first time.
  • This was Mutsumi Ito’s first episode as a writer.
  • This was both Yasuhiro Namatame and Ken Ueno’s first episode as animation directors.


  • The D Kingdom Embassy
  • The Tsukino Residence
  • Crown
  • Juuban Municipal Junior High School
  • The Dark Kingdom
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[ATTACK] Moon Twilight Flash.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

Kana: ムーン・トワイライト・フラッシュ
Romaji: Muun Towairaito Furasshu

User: Sailor Moon
Item required: Tiara
First appearance: Act 4
Last appearance: Act 7


  • In the the Japanese version of Crystal, Sailor Moon did not say the technique’s name. It was added into the script for Viz’s English dub, though.
  • This attack was omitted from the first anime series.