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who on tumblr do you also consider friends? make a list i wanna follow them all

oh god that’s so many people though

but I will try my best

holy shit this took too long

(if you’re not on here I’m sorry I must’ve missed you ;w; please forgive me this took a LONG TIME TO MAKE)

Under the Crimson Flag Ch9 - Emma

Also on A03 and FF.NET!

She was okay.

He was going to let her go.

Tumbling along the dark corridor, she struggled to comprehend what had just occurred. Still weak, she clutched at the walls when the world began to spin, resting her head against the rough wood as she caught her breath.

It was the antithesis to every story, tale or whisper she had heard about a pirate: that she should have walked out of his cabin with not only her life, but with her honor intact. She said a silent prayer as she collected her thoughts and pushed open the stiff door to her cabin - its hinges whining in protest. Moving slowly, she dragged her aching body inside, tossing her boots to the floor before slumping onto her hammock with a sigh of relief.

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