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I finally watched the last three episodes of SMC Infinity and I forgot they changed ‘Usako’ to ‘Usa’ which I’m not feeling. I know Mamoru calls Usagi that but more in different context (like when he’s annoyed because she’s, once again, to late for their morning date).

But one of my favourite moments is in the Infinity final when Usagi lets herself fall into Pharaoh 90 and he just screams that schmoopy nickname. So I was totally expecting this:

Especially since the voice actor is so good!

So that’s one of my least favourite changes in Crystal so far (the art style is still just okay for me. I liked the more in-depth colours and detail in the hair from the first two arcs). I want Usagi and Mamoru call each other Usako and Mamo-chan until they’re silver and lavender haired respectively and for another thousand years, too. ;)


He gotta give him that air you know

lesbians of the cosmos, in love……..


Holy crap I drew art!! Shocking I know.

I feel like a bazillion years ago SailorFailures said it’d be an interesting idea if people took those fashion photosets where the models heads are cropped off and tried to pick what outfit a senshi would wear, and well, I found this photoset of Zuhair Murad’s dresses and…here we are!

The inners the outers and some villains for good measure. Dark Mercury made it in because she is my bae and PGSM is the greatest thing ever.


There are times when we lose sleep longing for someone. There are many sad or painful events like that, but that’s how we know we’re alive! If there are painful times, when we get over them, times of happiness always arrive!