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My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

How the bikini got its name...

The bikini gets its name from Bikini Atoll, the US testing grounds for the next generation of Atomic Bombs. 

Following WWII, the public had a love affair with the Bomb. So, French designer Louis Réard named his swimsuit after the hottest, most explosive place on the map, Bikini Atoll. 

Of course, public opinion quickly changed. 

For their safety, the people of Bikini Atoll were relocated in 1946 — believing that they could return after the Cold War. 23 nuclear devices were tested on the island between 1946 and 1958. 

To this day, Bikini Atoll remains uninhabitable. The Bikini islanders will never be able to return home. 


This depression is called the Bravo Crater. It’s where we dropped Castle Bravo, a 15 megaton thermonuclear bomb (the largest tested by the United States). The yield was over 2.5x times larger than we anticipated, because our scientists made an assumption about Lithium-7 — instead of taking the time to properly research the isotope. Oops. 

As a result, the shock wave and fallout traveled much farther than expected. Japanese fisherman had no warning and were killed from exposure. Dozens of US sailors suffered severe burns and high rates of cancer. Inhabitants along the Rongelap and Rongerik atolls were evacuated and ultimately, 15 islands were left contaminated.

Bonus +2:

In 1961, The Soviets dropped the largest bomb in history, the Tsar. At 50 megatons, it was at least 10 times more powerful than every bomb dropped in WWII combined. For reference, the tiny explosions in the left hand corner would be the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. 

The shock wave it produced registered between 5.0 - 5.25 on seismic sensors all over the globe. Luckily, the Tsar was detonated 4000 meters above the ground. Most of the fallout went into outer space, otherwise tens of thousands could have died. Amid concerns about radioactive fallout, in 1963 the US, UK and USSR signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty.

Mutiny in the High Seas Fleet

The Prinzregent Luitpold, center of the mutiny.

August 2 1917, Wilhelmshaven–Morale on board the ships of the German High Seas Fleet had been deteriorating rapidly over the course of the year.  Sidelined in favor of the submarines, the fleet had been sitting idle at anchor since October.  Discipline was unnecessarily harsh on many ships, and the quality and quantity of food continued to be lacking.  This latter problem had led to hunger strikes, followed by the establishment of “food supervisory committees” to give the sailors a say in their own food supply.  Despite this, the sailors felt they were suffering unnecessarily for a war they were no longer participating in. Just as in Russia, radical political philosophies began to gain increasing purchase among the sailors of the fleet.

On August 2, 600 men on board the dreadnought Prinzregent Luitpold went on strike, led by two anarchist stokers, shouting “Down with the war! We no longer want to fight this war!” The strike was quickly crushed and the ringleaders arrested, along with known malcontents on other ships.  Hundreds with “bad political attitudes” were transferred to shore stations, and several were court-martialled for mutiny and shot.  Scheer blamed the anti-war socialist party in the Reichstag for the mutiny, and demanded mass arrests of their leadership as well; ultimately calmer heads prevailed, however.

Sources include: Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War.

Today in 1916: Italian Dreadnought Capsizes in Harbor
Today in 1915: Battle of Kara Kilisse
Today in 1914: Germany Issues 12-Hour Ultimatum to Belgium

Introducing Bangtan to a a Newbie like

First, we have a fashionista philosopher whose raps sound like magic spells. He may be called a monster but is actually Sailor Moon. Jackson Wang suffers since he’s playing hard to get. This oblivious brainiac will clumsily break… your heart lmao once you see the dimples and hear his mastermind insights there’s no turning back. And that’s Bangtan’s leader for you.

Next: Salt, a sparkling bisexual icon. Thanks to him, Hong Kong is hopelessly overpopulated. Kumamon connoisseur and in charge of savagery aka artistic arson. Living (or, sleeping) proof that words can and will beat weapons: lyrics so sharp Zorro gets jealous. Swag'n'smug 101 lessons galore, ladies and gentlemen. Cursing out bs and telling the truth all day. His crying moments are sacred.

Then we have the performance genius fluffy prince with a harem. That tower guy from EXO joined just a couple of weeks ago, good choice. Because Floof can park and ride a beat blindfolded. Was born in Busan first at 3:33 AM - you better believe it, beach. Perfect Man, hands down. Love on two legs that were sculpted by Michelangelo himself. The person who dares to hurt him causes World War III.

Listen up who’s next. The almighty sunshine dance mentor who’s not only your hope, but your angel, too. Versatile rapping styles as iconic as Salt flipping everyone off. 1 Verse saved KPop and you know it. Seeing his forehead impregnates everyone, that’s why they hide it. Sadly not an American, otherwise he’d be the president. Boom.

Flying kiss lord and jungle survivor is next. This ethereal being still dances better than all of you infidels. Flawless. Fab. His laughter and bad puns save lives. The Princess Peach that Super Mario was looking for all the time. Stuck in the one-liner club with Sehun and needs to get out of there asap. Serves that traffic dance goodness.

There’s also the eternally aspiring Cypherist who can rock a bowl cut. Legend has it that mole elephants will haunt your dreams when you don’t bias him. Voice deeper than the leader guy’s musings. His mom invented eyeliner. Rectangle smiles himself into your heart before you even notice it. Wins at life because he can touch perfect man’s ass 24/7. His Halloween selcas kill millions.

Finally, Sir Coconut of Coverington. A shy wrestler who’s done with your Oppa complex. Loves Iron Man, could win the Iron Man. Awh yeah, this bisquit baby boy is fit. Ideal type: tatted sunbaenim dressed in Chanel, green mop hair, screeches occasionally. His stans pray to the holy bunny trinity of bowling, timbs, and ramen. Eat his burgers OR ELSE.


Anime Expo- Day 2

Some of my favorite cosplays from day 2. I also got “married”. The merch I got was a Jasper print, an Asami post card print, a Malachite sticker, and an Opal button. Not pictured is these Haikyuu!! buttons that I got.




The Legendary Lovers vs. Queen Beryl

I haven’t seen this discussed often, but the tale of the Legendary Lovers from episode 40 seems to be a direct parallel to the story of Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, and Queen Beryl.

The parallels are pretty obvious. The maiden of the Heavens is Princess Serenity and the youth is Prince Endymion; their names are even a reference to the Greek myth of Selene (the goddess and personification of the Moon) and Endymion (a handsome youth), a heavenly maiden and a youth of the land who fell in love.

The young girl who turned into a jealous monster is Beryl. The manga, as well as PGSM, portray Beryl in a noticeably more tragic light than in the anime. It’s revealed that Beryl was once a beautiful peasant girl who was in love with Endymion.

She appeared to be a servant in Endymion’s castle and, as a result, often stumbled upon him and Serenity during their secret trysts.

Her jealously of the Moon Princess burned her up inside; Beryl knew that she, a mere servant, could never compete with the beautiful and ethereal Princess of the Moon. Eventually, she became so jealous and enraged that she sold her soul to the sun demon, Queen Metallia.

Much like the girl from the myth, after her jealously overcomes her, Beryl turns into a monster; this is mostly reflected in her personality, thought process, etc, but her physical appearance becomes much more demented and inhuman as well.

Beryl’s hatred is directed towards Princess Serenity, whom she sees as the cause of all of her woes.

Her hatred grows to the extent that she actually kills Prince Endymion, the man she was obsessed with, in order to get to Serenity. When Endymion leaped in front of Serenity to protect her, Beryl attacked indiscriminately (much like the mythical monster attacked everyone indiscriminately in her jealous rage).

The jealous girl from the myth eventually gets redemption once the Senshi recognize the cause of her suffering. Sailor Moon uses the Ginzuishou to heal her, and, at long last, she is able to pass on peacefully. She even waves to Mamoru as she leaves (which I’ve always interpreted as yet another Beryl parallel).

Unfortunately, Beryl never gets the opportunity to atone, not that she’d take it, anyway. However, she does get something close to a resolution at the end of PGSM. Interestingly, in this medium, ultimately Beryl isn’t the true enemy. The cold-hearted and selfish Princess Serenity is. After Sailor Moon is forced to kill Endymion (as he had sealed Queen Metallia inside of himself and had been taken over), the Princess reemerges and takes over Usagi, stating that she is going to destroy the world because Endymion is no longer in it. Queen Beryl finally snaps and calls her out on her hypocrisy.

It’s easy to forget that, from Beryl’s perspective, Princess Serenity is the one who ruined everything. She could have anything and anyone she wanted, but she took Endymion, the one person Beryl wanted herself. Her hatred and jealousy of the Princess just kept growing and growing until it consumed her, turning her into a shell filled with nothing but hatred.

This line, said by Rei, ultimately applies to both jealousy-ridden women. 

I really don’t think that Beryl is a monster. No, she’s not particularly likable, but she’s also a deeply sympathetic and tragic character. She is one of the only Sailor Moon villains who used to be human, and it really shows. Jealousy is one of the strongest and most primal emotions; throughout history, countless people have been driven to a life of darkness and suffering thanks to their fanatical jealousy. That’s why, to me, Beryl is one of the most realistic (and disturbing) villains out there. Just facing the idea that we’re all capable of becoming monsters is a tough pill to swallow.

I just realized

I’ve posted frequently about Giant Sailor Moon Fan Phoenix Wright

but what about the opposite?

Usagi Tsukino plays Ace Attorney

why is this the first I am realizing this?

Usagi CANONICALLY LOVES VIDEO GAMES she is all over this. She loves Phoenix because he DEFENDS THE INNOCENT and BELIEVES IN HIS CLIENTS and she also loves Maya because hello RELATABLE (not just for loving All The Food but also holy crap talk about being born to a responsibility she does not feel at all ready for).

Her texting Ami for help and poor hopeful Ami thinks Usagi is finally asking for tutoring but nope, she’s just having a tough time with this testimony. Being Ami is suffering.

And dear god when she gets to the emotional cases LATE-NIGHT SOBBING CALLS TO REI, ALSO BEING REI IS SUFFERING.


25 Days of Klaroline + Royalty

This drabble is dedicated to my awesome ‘princess’ Nik @princess-of-the-worlds Your kindness, talent and generosity knows no bounds and we are all lucky to have you in our Klaroline family.

A Royal Affair

A prince, an actress and the Cannes Film Festival.

Intercontinental Carlton - Cannes, France

“And why is it so important that I meet him?” Caroline drawled, looking at her publicist questioningly.

They were currently eating breakfast in her hotel suite and going through her press schedule for the coming days of the festival. Her latest movie was making its debut and to say its premiere was important was an understatement. Film critics could be savage at the best of times and given she’d strayed from her usual romantic comedy genre to take on an action role was only making her more nervous.

“What part of Prince and second in line to the British throne did you not understand?” She shot back, rolling her eyes for added effect.


“He’s hot.”


“Oh for the love of god woman, he’s royalty for heaven’s sake.”

“Just because he has a fancy title and wears a crown that doesn’t mean I have to meet him, Kat. We are at Cannes, he could meet at least another hundred actresses who’d love to stroke his royal ego.”

“He doesn’t want to meet any other actresses, he wants to meet you, Caroline,” she huffed. “Why are you being such a diva about this? I swear you’re doing this just to frustrate me, Forbes. ”

“You can talk about being frustrating,” she groaned. Caroline and Katherine had known each other since they were five years old and they’d been bickering with each other ever since. Surprisingly though their relationship worked well because Katherine wasn’t one to hold back when she thought Caroline was being difficult, like now.

“Stop changing the subject,” she growled. “Your new movie needs all the publicity it can get and meeting with the Prince of England will certainly help with that.”

“He just seems so arrogant, not to mention a complete womaniser,” she said, taking a sip of her orange juice and placing it back on the table. “Apparently he sleeps with a new woman each week.”

“As a celebrity and someone who has incorrect stories written about her all the time, I’m surprised you of all people are quoting the tabloids,” she drawled. “He is known to be very charming and did I mention hot?”

“Are you talking about me again, Kitty Kat?” Enzo asked, sauntering into the dining room.

“Who gave him a key?” She asked turning to Caroline accusingly.

“Well, he is my manager, Katherine.”

“More like a stray dog nobody wants,” she muttered, just as he swiped a croissant from her plate and took a big bite. “Hey! Get your own food, mister.”

“Now that’s not a very nice way to speak to such a charming and hot fellow,” he mumbled, his mouth still full of buttery, breaded goodness. “Come on admit it, you’ve always had a thing for me.”

“Not if we were the last two people on this planet, you buffoon,” she barked.

“Stop it children,” Caroline chided noticing Katherine’s death stare she was shooting in his direction. “Am I going to have to separate you two again like that time in Madrid, New York oh and who could forget at the Dorchester in London?”

“He started it,” Katherine accused.

“How very mature of you,” he joked, sticking out his tongue.

“Before he rudely interrupted we were talking about your meeting with Prince Niklaus tomorrow.”

“Oh and what has our Care Bear done to warrant an audience with British royalty?” Enzo asked. “Hang on don’t tell me, I think I know. Prince Niklaus has always had a thing for gorgeous blondes.”

“See, what did I tell you?”

“It’s okay Caroline, I promise I’m not trying to pimp you out,” she scoffed, giving Enzo another dirty look. “All I ask is an hour, there’s a cocktail function on his family’s yacht so you won’t be the only one there.”

“I love a good cocktail party on a yacht,” Enzo sighed.

“Who said you were invited?”

“Me,” Caroline insisted. “If you’re making me go, I sure as hell want a chaperone in case the Prince decides to get a little handsy.” Caroline busied herself at the table purposely ignoring the triumphant look Enzo was sending Katherine’s way.

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