The quality on Stars creditless videos aren’t that great, but I still wanted to post these opening shots… because. Remember?

Remember when we were younger, and so was the fandom, and Stars was a distant dream for most English-speaking viewers? Most of us didn’t have good enough Internet connections to download the episodes, if we could even find them, and physical copies were even rarer. Most of our knowledge of the un-dubbed episodes were from websites with synopses and, if we were lucky, a few 200px-wide .jpeg screencaps to illustrate. The season itself was like this Holy Grail, and these images - and the huge, high-res, promotional versions that had been passed around - were coveted as rare insights into what kind of fantastic, totes-awesome-like-really-mature-NEW content it held.

Well, that’s how I felt about it anyway. So these images hold a deep sense of nostalgia for me, even if Stars isn’t my favourite season.