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And here comes “Tides”, a visual poem co-directed with the one and only @simon-duong. It was supposed to be a CG exercice at school, but we decided to do something else. We put so much love and work into this… I truly hope you will like it. Put your headphones on, press play and enjoy! Don’t forget the subtitles if you don’t understand French.

Loosing himself between memories and fantasies from his childhood, a sailor remembered his encounter, friendship and love with the sea.

“I first saw them from the top of the cliff
Some days I watched them sliding on the sand
Coming and leaving as the days went by
The wind carrying their scent on my face
We were good friends back then
I observed them in silence
Behind the barrier of sand
One of them pulled me into her run
She was fiery and fast
The other, peaceful
Unveiled her treasures in the sunrise
You never stopped calling my name
Carrying my body on your swell, pulling me away from the shores
I’m sailing today come hell or high water on this sea with two faces”

holy-mother-rhoma’s top 25 fictional characters

Hey, all! I thought it would be a fun little thing (in honor on National Book Day) to make a list of my top 25 favorite fictional characters, as most of them come from books. If interested, I’ll tag people to do the same and we can make this a Zodai thing (bc of course Hysan and Rho are on here, who do you take me for?). With every character comes a short little explanation for why I love them. This is just way for me to share my love for these characters and let my online friends get to know me a bit better!

WARNING: mild spoilers for Harry Potter, A:TLA, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Twilight, Romina Russell’s Zodiac Series, Shugo Chara, Beautiful Creatures, and Sailor Moon below the cut!

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insaneheidibaka  asked:

THE SAILOR CAFF IS SO CUTE! if you ever have time, could you draw other members of the yogscast as Sailor Moon characters?

Here you go! I had way too much fun with this haha @insaneheidibaka


Fanime Day 2 2015.

Awesome cosplays from day 2. Also got to meet up with C9 Balls and C9 Lemonnation!

If you’re in any of these photos let me know so I can tag you!

Mermaid AU
Part of my Fall For a New World series


Clary is the princess of the Southern Ocean. She spends most of her days swimming in the comfortable, cold waters around the Antarctic. Her best friends are the walruses, the whales, and the seals. But every once in a while, she skips out on palace duties and swims north to meet her two favorite merpeople at the place where their oceans meet.

Isabelle is princess of the South Atlantic Ocean. A rebel princess engaged to Meliorn of the North Atlantic, she despises her arranged marriages and can almost always be found sunbathing on the rocks of a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, where Prince Magnus keeps her safe. 

Magnus is prince of the Indian Ocean, the warmest ocean in the world. He often jokes it’s his own hotness that keeps it so warm. He knows that both princesses struggle, and he’s glad to grant them sanctuary in his waters whenever times get bad for them.

As often as they can, the three of them meet at the borderlines of their oceans to see each other. Some days Clary brings them coats made of kelp and blubber and they join her in the maze of cracked ice. Clary finds those days funny because she is built for the icy waters, swimming swiftly between moving ice floes in her seashell bra and nothing else.Other days, they warm themselves on the sunny rocks of Magnus’s favorite island, sometimes taking turns singing each other songs or telling stories or complaining about their kingdoms and their problems. It was an easy, natural friendship without a care in the ocean- until the day the ship came by.

Jace, Alec, and Simon are sailors aboard the H.M.S. Victoria. Their mission is to sail around the waters south and east of Africa, searching for islands and new animals. It’s a relatively pleasant journey, something they’ve done multiple times. Sailing for months on a ship of just males is never completely enjoyable. The scientists funding their trip are drab and boring and drone on a lot about samples and Darwin and genealogies, but it's livable and the pay is good and they get to see the world. Or water. Mostly just a lot of water.

One sunny afternoon, the ship anchors near a rocky island. The scientists take off in the woods with their bags and their knives, leaving the sailors to enjoy a break and some fresh fruit from the trees and a bath. Jace, ever the adventurer, immediately takes off along the beach. Alec and Simon follow, knowing that he’ll never come back in time if someone else doesn’t come with to remind him. Everything seems normal, just like any other trip.

Until they hear the singing.

Female singing.

Excited and more than a little hopeful, Jace follows the sound despite his friends’ protests. But the sight that meets him when he peaks through the last barrier of foliage shocks and amazes him.

Clary, Isabelle, and Magnus are contentedly enjoying a small saltwater cove on the island, kicking water back and forth with their shining tails and enjoying the sun on their scales. Clary sings a gentle lullaby as she swishes her tail back and forth in the water. Both she and Isabelle have discarded their makeshift bras in favor of the sun on their whole bodies. Magnus lays closest to them on his stomach, napping. His tail makes gentle ripples in the water.

Alec and Simon carefully look through the bushes and their mouths drop. Merpeople. They’re really real.

Jace reluctantly drags his eyes away from the singing one, the one with the red hair and a tail like fresh spring water in a lake. His eyes are wide and, for the first time since they left England, he looks nervous. Even in the peaceful quiet, with only the music surrounding him, Alec and Simon know what his fear is. The scientists. To bring home a real mermaid would leave them lauded as heroes. There’s no way they won’t.

Simon forces himself to look away from the one with hair like spilled ink, turning to the others. “We have to get them out of here.” Her tail, green like grass after a rainstorm, flashes behind his eyes.

Alec slowly nods, his eyes focused on the tan skin of the third. His tail shines a deep purple in the water. Alec is more focused on the muscles of his back.

Jace looks back at the redhead and sighs. Slowly, he nods. “It’s for their own good.”

So the three of them stand and step out into the clearing. It only takes seconds for Clary to see them, her singing cutting off in a sharp sound like a dolphin’s. The other two open their eyes, see the men, and dive into the bay, taking off like sharks into the ocean. Jace’s eyes follow the streak of red until it disappears on the horizon before the three turn and silently walk back to the landing beach. They had done a good thing. Saved three fantastic beings from death. They’d live the rest of their lives free, safe from harm.

So why did it hurt so much?

Featuring: Princess Clarissa, Princess Isabelle, and Prince Magnus of their respective oceans. Alec, Simon, and Jace the sailors. Merpeople. Lots of occasional run ins. Falling in love but never really getting to speak. Music. Singing. Crazy scientists.

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