sailor shirt

Things to improve YanSims Models and Design

First off hair colors. Anime has a bunch of bright hair colors in a number of unnatural tones. But just because the hair color is unnatural doesn’t mean it needs to have the strongest saturation. Banana yellows and bright cyans look a little too bright and clash a bit. Toning down the hair and eye colors a bit would make the characters all look a little more natural. That also means more mixing tones. One person with light sky-blue hair will look vastly different than someone with dark navy blue hair. This would help everyone look more unique and more natural.

Second some uniform variations for everyone. Boys with undershirts and jackets, or girls who wear sweaters with their uniforms. Varying skirt lengths especially on rivals would help make everyone look more unique. . And to help with this changing the uniform from the sailor uniform to one more highschool-esque would help. Variations would look nicer with a button up than a sailor shirt.

Skin tone variation would also improve the whole of the school. The one singular skin tone makes them all seem like clones. And characters like Musume and Asu stand out (not in a good way). Making all characters, including background characters, have greater variations would make everyone more unique. Tanner Amai would stand out more so than a girl with the same hair and paler skin. Diversity is key to making a group stand out, and not have everyone look identical or like clones.

I feel as if having everyone in a club have similar hair or expression is a difficult thing to pull off well. You run the risk of everyone in a club looking related. The accessories idea to me seems much more practical and realistic than everyone in the Drama Club with the same purple hair.

Various skirt lengths would allow for obvious distinction, especially with rivals. Oka in a long skirt would instantly make her stand out. And different skirt designs. Megami in a simple businesslike skirt vs Kizana in an intricate and detailed skirt.

Finally a few extra details. Glasses and earring are already adding to this, but additions like freckles, painted fingernails, necklaces, hair bows, belts and bandaids are subtle touches that make the game seem a little more detailed.

All of these things, most of them simple changes, would vastly improve the models appearance and their uniqueness, especially with rivals in a school that’s supposed to have 100+ students.

Speaking of, this is ANCIENT fanart from The Long Long Ago, and I think the first “Jet Wolf” fanart that ever existed (before the red shirt you see in my logo became the default with the trenchcoat). This was done by a friend of ours at the time who went by the name UPN Mulder.

I am of course wielding my Fire Soul Buster. PLEASE NOTE MY MARS T-SHIRT.

This was a rendition of (pre-hubby) Hubby as his Otaku Wars! Ultrace character. I’m not sure how accurate this is to what Kaitou Ace looks like, or if Hubby blended the concept with Tuxedo Kamen. I SUPPOSE I SHALL FIND OUT

Anyway, here you go, twenty year old fanart nobody asked to see.