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I was once told the sailor moon live action series was bad and not worth the watch, however, after recently starting it on my own I have found it to be my favorite adaption so far. Seeing the characters I love so much in a new way is so interesting, and even though it seems cheesy at first, I have grown attached to the series is in so many ways - I can honesty say it has reignited my old love for Sailor Moon.

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If you could have any THIRTY tokusatsu series brought over to the US, what would they be?

Well, there’s an easy first 15 and that’s every Sentai Series from Himitsu Sentai Goranger to Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Next, let’s grab the rest of the early Showa Kamen Rider series not yet released here the first series (skipping V3 as it -is- available) and then Kamen Rider X to Kamen Rider Super-1.

Oh and the three Showa Ultraman series not yet available in the USA!  The Return of Ultraman, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro.

Just for variety (and because I love Godzilla) let’s get Zone Fighter!

That leaves us with 5 more and I’m tempted to grab Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Let’s get the first three Metal Heroes shows (and the entire Space Sheriff Series) out the way and let everyone in American experience Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider!

And because I love it so, Let’s toss in Kamen Rider Black!

So, there’s my 30 tokusatsu series I would have released in the US if I had a choice!


The Sailor Series

It seems every female illustrator or manga artist love Sailor Moon and see it as their childhood inspiration. To me, I’ve never watched Sailor Moon but thinkin’ I should give out a try at manga art. I’ll do the whole Sailor series.

Digital illustration

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SOOOO I heard about fellow Dragonball fans’ reactions to the now-infamous “episode 5” of Dragonball Super. It reminded me of what happened with the randomly screwed up faces in the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot series @_@

Inconsistent animation quality is pretty commonplace with a long-running series, so I think the characters should make the best of it!

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I have a unique Top Ten list for ya: Top Ten Female Tokusatsu Heroes.

A topic near and dear to my heart!  Yes, I admit I have a weakness for the women of tokusatsu but then, anyone who follows my blog for long would realize that pretty quick. So, I’m pretty glad to get a question like this I can indulge that love with.

I’m going to limit this to one heroine pet series though I thank you again for not limiting it to one franchise.  That makes this a lot more fun for me and I can bounce around as I see fit. Still, it’s going to be pretty Super Sentai heavy for obvious reasons.

10. Konomi Amagi from Ultraman Mebius played by Misato Hirata

A former preschool teacher before joining GUYS Japan, Konomi joined the team for the sole purpose of protecting all of the children of Japan.  She’s kind, a bit shy and has a love for cute monsters including Miclas and a tiny version of the Ultraseven foe Eleking. She generally stays at the base working as an operator during missions to keep communication lines open between field agents but she goes into the field when they need her to use the Maquette Monster system which creates artificial monsters that can fight for a limited amount of time.  Miclas only listens to her.

9. Anri from Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion played by  Kiyomi Tsukada

This may be a cheat considering she’s a robot but I love Anri.  While most robots on TV are cold, emotionless and stilted, Anri is none of those.  She’s excitable, passionate and goofy.  Of course, she has a few robotic problems like the inability to float and freezing up every now and then. Even if she is a bit silly, she keeps Juspion focused on his mission and not distracted by every pretty woman who walks by.

8. Sara from Choushinsei Flashman played by Youko Nakamura

Unlike Anri above, Sara is human but raised on an icy planet in the Flash system. She’s a bit cool and intellectual and the smartest member of the Flashman team.  She does have an emotional side though, wanting to find her parents back on Earth.  She’s also good friends with her team member Lou. When it comes to battle, she can analyze the attacks and weaknesses of her foes to better aid her team in the fight.

7.  Hisako Koyama from Special Rescue Police Winspector played by Sachiko Oguri

Hisako is here because I just love every episode she’s a major part of in Winspector.  She’s not one of the suited heroes but instead a coffee shop owner who is a secret member of the team. I can’t really put a finger on why I like her so much.  Maybe it’s her super late 80s fashion sense.  Maybe it’s her inability to carry through on her plans with her little brother because of her Winspector responsibilities that makes her so relatable.  Maybe it’s just that she’s a tough woman who isn’t defined by being tough.  Any way you slice it, I really like Hisako.  

6. Ami Mizuno from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon played by Rika Izumi

I don’t talk about the 2003 Live-Action version of Sailor Moon much and that’s a shame because it is my favorite adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s magical manga masterpiece. Chief among the reasons why is that version’s take on Ami/Sailor Mercury.  She was Usagi’s first companion and he closest friend on the team which made the story arc where Ami was corrupted to evil all the more heartbreaking.  I have always been a fan of Sailor Mercury so having such a great live action version ensured her a spot on this list.

5. Rei Tachibana from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman played by Sayoko Hagiwara

I had to include a Sayoko Hagiwara character here because I love her performance in just about everything she’s been in and there is no more iconic role for her than as Dyna Pink. She’s an inventor who dreams of creating a machine to facilitate communication between humans and animals.  She’s also a world class fencer and though she hates fighting, she does so for the sake of the dreams of others and protecting her own ideals.  

4.  Rui Takada from Ultraman X played by Haruka Momokawa

The second character from an Ultra Series to appear on this list and the most recent heroine here is the enthusiastic engineer from Xio. She’s a teenage genius who invents a lot of tech for the team and loves monsters.  I just love her enthusiasm and smarts, she’s also tough when she has to be and has a thing for Ultraman Zero.  She loves the bad boys.

3.  Commander Aya Odagiri from Choujin Sentai Jetman played by Mikiko Miki

The first female Commander of a Sentai team, Aya Odagiri was a tough, no nonsense military officer of the Earth Defense Sky Force. Though Ryu was the team leader, he took his orders from her and she was not the kind to brook any kind of disagreement with her orders.  You just have to love anyone who can boss around super powered heroes with only her authority and force of personality to back it up.

2. Ahim De Famille from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger played by Yui Koike  

Ahim is a Space Princess without a kingdom, her home taken from her by the forces of Zangyack.  Yet, she isn’t bitter or hardened by her loss.  She’s the heart of her team, the voice of mediation when things get rough and the one everyone can go to for support and reassurance. When you need someone to negotiate, she’s your choice.  She’s also pretty awesome at kicking butt in a floofy dress. She is the best pink ever, the pinkest pink who ever pinked.

1. Tsuruhime from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger played by Satomi Hirose

Coming as no surprise to anyone who knows me, I have to give the top spot to Tsuruhime.  She’s the reason Kakuranger is my all time favorite Super Sentai series. The actual leader of the team, she was the first woman to head a Sentai group.  She was also the most competent member and had a fantastic story arc involving the fate of her Father.  Considering the rest of her team, she had a job ahead of her holding that group together and keeping them focused on the task at hand.  This is a woman who could herd cats and get them to (mostly) behave.  I love Tsuruhime and always will!

Aside from the top spots, this is a highly subjective list from day to day.  This is how I feel right now as of this moment but these lists are always based on how I am feeling at that moment. Hope you enjoyed it though and thanks, as always, for the question!

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Has the sun ever been put into play in the Sailor Moon series. And if not, has naoko ever said anything about the sin before?

It has, actually! There may not be a Sailor Sun, but the sun plays an indirect role in a number of ways.


According to Queen Serenity, Metalia came from the Sun. It’s unclear whether the sun was Metalia’s birthplace or if she originated elsewhere, but Metalia’s appearance in the Silver Millennium was preceded by abnormal sunspots, and she is shown literally emerging as a ball of fire from the sun’s surface.


Although he is the priest of Elysion (which, in the manga, is a sacred realm within Earth), Helios is named for the Greek Titan of the sun. Incidentally, I believe this is also why Pegasus came to be involved, as the mythological Helios drove the chariot of the sun and was associated with horses.


I’ve talked before about how Mamoru appears to have connections to the sun, and why that might be. His astrological sign is Leo, which is ruled by the sun, and his crystal is called the Golden Crystal. And Nehelenia literally calls him the prince protected by the sun.

The fact that all three of these characters are associated with Earth lends credibility to my theory that Earth and the Sun are directly connected. As I said in my previous post, it is strongly hinted that Queen Serenity came from outside the Solar System, which would imply that she and the people of the Silver Millennium found the Moon and other planets uninhabited and settled there. The native population of Earth, therefore, would have been the only people who truly belonged to our Sun. In a way, this makes Mamoru both Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun.

Of course, this still leaves so many questions about the nature of the Golden Kingdom and just how the Sun protected it and its prince. So much about Earth’s history and how it relates to Mamoru remains a mystery. 

If I were working on a sailor moon series

I’d have each season be 20 episodes. Not much longer than the actual manga chapters, but enough to expand and flesh things out/fill in plot holes.

Each season would have its own name:

Sailor Moon Prism
Sailor Moon Crystal
Sailor Moon Infinity
Sailor Moon Dream
Sailor Moon Stars

That’s what I’d do personally, but who am I? I’m just a random fanboy lol