sailor senshi series

My Favorite Series In Order:

Sailor Moon:

I love the entire Sailor Moon franchise.  Yes, it’s mostly a nostalgia thing, but I can’t help but to love it.  The manga is a classic, and the 90′s anime, while being long and cheesy, is still something that to this day I will watch.  Usagi is a relatable character, and every senshi is enjoyable and unique to the show.  While the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal were pretty terrible, the third season completely makes up for all of the faults in it thus far.  Plus, SeiUsa and HaruMichi are life.  

Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom is a fantastic series.  This is a series where you grow with every character.  This series is a roller coaster of emotions.  It has some of the most incredible moments I’ve ever scene in anime, as well as some of the most heartbreaking.  The ending to this show mentally destroyed me, and is the only series to this day that will make me break down every single time no matter how many times I’ve seen it, both subbed or dubbed.  It teaches so many life lessons, and is a must watch/read for everyone. The first season closing is not only my favorite closing, but one of my favorite songs, that to this day, I still listen to. Also, KarmAgisa is life.  

Kuroko no Basket:

Alright, I love this anime. I love the characters, I love the manga, I love the voice actors, I love the fan arts, I love the fanfictions.  I love absolutely everything.  The story is intense, and it hooks you from the start.  If you like sports anime, this one is a must watch.  Also, AkaKuro and Kuroko x GoM my favorite <3 

Tokyo Ghoul:

I’m very connected with this series.  I’ve been following this series religiously every week for years, so of course it’s one of my favorites.  Now, the anime is very disappointing, and the second season doesn’t exist, but I will still love it, especially since the last few chapters of Re have been fucking phenomenal. The opening for the first season is easily one of my favorite songs ever created. Also, I need Re animated like now.  It deserves it.  Actually, I need Part One redone as well.  Can we just reboot the entire anime series?


I love this series.  Like Tokyo Ghoul, I’m very invested in the manga.  Manga wise, I love the art style, and the story arcs; and once again like Tokyo Ghoul, the second season also does not exist.  The story is very well written, although this most recent arc is dragging a bit (but that’s normal for different series).  Ciel is such a little bastard, and it’s wonderful to read.  It’s a dark series that won’t get a happy ending, and that’s part of what hooks me to it. 

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt:

This anime is fucking gold.  It is hilarious, and soo fucking inappropriate.  It’s by far my favorite comedy.  It’s art style is so unique and it has the best dubbing ever created.  The dub is by far better than the sub.  It also has the biggest cliffhanger ending, and fucking NEEDS a season two desperately.  

Ouran High School Host Club:

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I love this series so much.  This is another one of those series where I love every aspect about it, from the anime to the manga to the dubbing and subbing and even the Live Action T.V. Show and Movie.  It’s my favorite romantic comedy and always the first one I recommend to people looking for a shoujo.  Every character is unique in their own way and the story is really adorable.  I love the manga where you see so much development from everyone.  Also, Hikaru and Kaoru deserve Haruhi, and I don’t care what anyone says.  

No Game No Life:

Shiro is adorable as fuck.  As a gamer, this show relates so much to me.  It’s an amazing fantasy, and the story is perfect.  The animation is beautiful, and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  Sora and Shiro are cute together and their interactions make the show that much better. I need my second season.   Side Note:  Jibril is best girl.  

Shokugeki no Soma:

Food Porn.  Of course I’d love it.  This is once again another series where I’m invested in the manga, so of course I’d love the series.  I read the series weekly, and the most recent arc is making me fall further in love with the series.  The manga is a great read, and you actually learn a lot about cooking through the series, whether it’s the manga or the anime.  The food orgasms are hilarious, and the animation for this show is amazing.  I would kill for a season three of this show this year.  


I will always have a soft spot for this series.  It was the first anime that really got me hooked to sports anime.  I love it.  Yes, it’s a bit dramatic at times, but being an ex-swimmer/lifeguard, I find this series so relatable, making me love it even more.  Also, the fan service is definitely a positive.  I love the Japanese voices, and the OP and ED’s for both seasons.  The movie prequel they did was also amazing.  The animation is gorgeous, but that’s to be expected from Kyoto Animation.  

So yeah, those are my top ten series!  Thoughts?


[EPISODE] 189. Duty or Friendship! Conflict Between the Sailor Senshi.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Kana: 使命と友情の間! S戦士達の対立
Romaji: Shimei to Yuujou no Hazama! Seeraa Senshi tachi no Tairitsu

Original Air Date: October 19, 1996

Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Minako Ito

Plot: While their respective peers think otherwise, Usagi and Seiya still believe that both teams of Sailor Senshi can work together.


  • FM No. 10 was visited in the third episode of the series.
  • In the moment where Sailor Jupiter told Sailor Moon to heal the phage, Sailor Mercury was wearing one stud in each of her ears as opposed to the new style of earring that were included with her “super” upgrade.
  • As Sailor Star Healer took Seiya’s body away, the crescent moons on Sailor Moon’s earrings were temporarily missing.


  • Sailor Tin Nyanko’s name was revealed here.
  • A completely new animation sequence for Star Gentle Uterus was first shown here. It would become the standard stock footage used for the remainder of the series.


  • Mars Flame Sniper was seen for the last time.
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko’s gun was only used in this episode.


  • Juuban Municipal High School
  • Fruit Parlor Crown
  • The Three Lights’ studio
  • Sailor Galaxia’s chamber
  • Ginga TV
  • Fuku Fuku Department Store
  • FM No. 10

Inktober Day 2, and I’m starting a set!

 I thought it might be a cute design challenge to try and imagine what the Sailor Senshi would look like as modern-day UK highschoolers. Makoto is next!

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Ami’s design in general other than that I kept it very prim and proper, without any stepping outside the lines - but, that said -


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Millennium - We Can’t Be The Soldiers of Love Forever…

Real Justice… Sailor Moon…
Genius the Veil… Sailor Mercury…
Passion Flame… Sailor Mars…
Hurricane Shout… Sailor Jupiter…
Grace My Heart… Sailor Venus…
My Deep Sea… Sailor Neptune…
Rushing Wind… Sailor Uranus…
Hades Impact… Sailor Pluto…
Destruction… Sailor Saturn…


[CHARACTER] Sailor Mercury.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: セーラーマーキュリー
Romaji: Seeraa Maakyurii

Role: Major character
Type: Human
Family: Saeko Mizuno (mother), unnamed father
Aliases: Ami Mizuno, Dark Mercury
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom
First appearance: Act 2
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Chisaki Hama


  • Ami only had blue hair when she transformed into Sailor Mercury or Dark Mercury.
  • She was the only Sailor Senshi in this series to have no shoulder pads or coverings.
  • This Sailor Mercury did not use a supercomputer or wear a blue visor.
  • The primary blue colors in her live-action suit were changed to a lighter shade.
  • Sailor Mercury had the most weapons.
  • Chisaki Hama was credited as “Rika” in the Special Act and Act Zero because her real name is Rika Izumi. The characters for “hama” (浜) and “izumi” (泉) respectively mean “beach” and “fountain.” Both words are related to water, which is Sailor Mercury’s element.