sailor scribble

print for an upcoming con.
i still have five to finish with only the rest of the month to do it :’)


I wanted to do a screenshot redraw. So here’s my take on Sailor Moon~ In the name of the moon,she’ll kick your ass!

Art belongs to me © @dreamer-rena-universe/ @dreamer-rena-artz
Sailor Moon © Takeuchi Naoko


she was GETTING THERE she was going to do a bit involving “bi the way…” (or possibly “gettin’ bi with a little help from a friend” either way it would have been a BRILLIANT PUN THAT DEFINITELY NO ONE HAS EVER THOUGHT OF BEFORE)

@ajax-daughter-of-telamon​ tagged me in an art rec meme, and I decided to do three of them because I’m just that extra. So. Part one of three.

Art Rec Meme, Non-Star Wars Fan Art Edition:

So I’m in a few other fandoms, but the one I’ve drawn the most for is the anime/manga One Piece so there’s a lot of that but anyway

This is Nola, she is from One Piece. She is a massive mile-long snake. I put hella detail into this one. :3

John Silver is from Disney’s Treasure Planet, and remains one of my biggest animated crushes ever.

Nico Robin is also from One Piece. She has a special devil’s power that enables her to multiply parts of her body, and she most often does it with her hands.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, One of the most popular canon couples from the anime/manga Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

This is Usopp, he is also from One Piece. His nose is the butt of jokes in the series, which is a shame because he’s a fucking awesome character and I love him. And I am very proud of the tree he is sitting in.