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I saw this post about a sailor moon drink a while back and it looked so delicious that i had to go off and make my own. Mine doesn’t doesn’t look too fancy but it tastes great!


This drink is actually a float so its SUPER EASY to make all I used was raspberry soda,vanilla icream, and some star shaped sprinkles! And then TA DAH! You gots yourself an Usagi float!


As a big Uranus/Neptune fan, of course I am loving these end credits for Sailor Moon Crystal S.3. “eternal eternity” by Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Ohara.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act pt 1

Sailor Beyonce for Oskar :3

redundantthinking  asked:

You're so right about that scene concerning what could have been. Seiya may tease Usagi but they still treat her in the same reverence that do Kakyuu. That 'Am I not Good Enough' could have been something about how they don't know to treat either of them with normal respect (instead of different forms of idol worship--oh the irony there) and how wrong Seiya is for doing that. That, no, you're idolizing is not good enough. Instead we get THIS. AND I'M JUST SUPPOSED TO GO 'POOR SEIYA'??? FUCK THA

Right? Here I am, hours later, it’s been sitting on my brain for nearly a day now, and I’m still so angry that it twists into this.

It so clearly was never ABOUT this. Even if we mould the surrounding events to give the question additional meaning for Seiya (which neither the season nor the episode support in the slightest), the fact remains that the episode ends with everything about Seiya. Their failure, their inadequacies, their poor unrequited love. Usagi has an outpouring of emotion, but in the end it exists only to underscore how SEIYA feels. The focus shift is so severe that I’m pretty sure I could call a TV lawyer, sue for whiplash, and win.

Usagi falling apart is THE ENTIRE POINT. The episode didn’t pull that out last minute. From the opening scene, it’s about her trying and failing to make these connections. Even the Outers showing up keeps to the spirit of that, with Usagi wanting to work with Kakyuu and Haruka and Michiru saying “Oh hell no”. Usagi could have a new ally, but it’s yanked out of her reach.

We have Haruka and Michiru on a stake out in the car in the middle of the night. It’s about Usagi, but they’re peripheral, protecting her from the outside threat. They don’t know that at that same moment Usagi is safe inside but dying anyway. She calls Mamoru’s answering machine again and again. Another connection not made. Even Seiya features into this by trying to call and talk to her but getting a busy signal. Usagi is isolated and alone.

Enter the girls. Now Usagi finds herself in the opposite situation where she’s anything but alone with them. I think it’s a very intentional parallel that in the same episode we show Usagi repeatedly calling Mamoru and reaching nothing, but one small whistle, and within seconds Rei has run miles to be by her side. Usagi’s at the opposite extreme now, but the others are SO attentive that she’s suffocating. By giving Usagi what she thinks she wants, it’s only making her realize that she can’t have what she wants.

Which is everything.

This is one of my favourite Usagi traits: her selfish streak that demands it all. It’s Mamoru who’s missing in her life right now, but I completely believe she’d be in much the same place if she was cut off from Rei, Ami, Mako, or Minako. Usagi MUST HAVE IT ALL. Take away any piece and she’s out of balance, like a centrifuge. The rocking may be slow at first, but the longer it goes, the more violent it becomes until it destroys itself.

Which is what we basically see on the rooftop. Usagi is done, she’s broken. The episode, the season, it’s all built to this. Even in this specific context, Seiya’s line could still work, particularly if we strike “good” from it.

The critical piece missing, however you look at it, is Usagi’s answer. What we need is for Usagi to say “no”. No, Seiya is not enough. Mamoru isn’t enough. Rei isn’t enough. No one person is or ever could be “enough”.

She needs to say “no”. Not let the question hang in the air, not have her stare with tears in her eyes, not have the rain fall silently while her friends look on with mounting concern. Seiya’s question is not the important part, Usagi’s answer IS.


Let Usagi take the moment back. Because it’s about her.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jet Wolf! I just want to say thank you for your post on Seiya and the "Am I not good enough?" scene. My coworker was super interested in dating me, even before he knew much about me (I think it might've been because I'm Asian) and was really pushy about it which made me feel uncomfortable. So thank you for so clearly articulating why Seiya's subplot with Usagi and what he said to her in that scene was emotionally manipulative. It just made me realize that I wasn't "stuck-up" at the time.

I’m so sorry that you experienced this. It breaks my heart to hear that this whole time you thought you were the one in the wrong and being “stuck up”. I hope that you’re in a better situation now, and that you never have to go through this again. Nobody should ever have to go through anything like this. (Hugs for you, if hugs are a thing you enjoy.)

I got a sincerely upsetting number of messages along these lines from people identifying with Usagi in that situation and having an emotional reaction to the scene from that standpoint. Most of them weren’t on Anon and I don’t feel comfortable publishing their stories without their explicit okay, so I’ll only speak about them generally here.

One word that came up multiple times – and it’s such a powerful word to me, so it was particularly striking to see it used by so many different people – was “validation”. That by expressing this view of Seiya’s words and actions, by specifically saying how I felt it was wrong, they felt their own life experiences weren’t being minimized and dismissed. Something which, it was painfully clear, had happened to them time and time again.

I’m running out ways to say “I support you loving what you love” and “It’s okay if you disagree with me” and “Me not liking this fictional character/storyline/season/etc. is not a reflection on you as a person”. I will have been doing this liveblog project for three years this October. If my words and actions haven’t convinced someone by now that I’m sincere when I say these things then I don’t know what more I can do. I’m not and never will tell anyone they can’t love a thing that they love. Connecting with characters, especially, is deeply personal and no one can or should try to take that from you.

But it’s so important for us to remember that’s true for everyone.

One person watches that scene and feels Seiya’s anguish and longing. Another sees Usagi cornered in a situation where she’s pressured to ignore her feelings and accept unwanted advances.

What we take away from that moment (from ANY moment) will be coloured by our life’s experiences. Those experiences filter absolutely everything. It’s not necessary to agree with an interpretation you don’t like, but in the zeal to attack or defend, it’s worth taking a moment first to consider where that interpretation may be coming from.