sailor planet attack


[ATTACK] Sailor Planet Attack.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: セーラー・プラネット・アタック
Romaji: Seeraa Puranetto Atakku

Users: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus
Item required: Moonlight Stick
First appearance: Special Act
Last appearance: Special Act


  • In theory, this technique could be performed by all five Sailor Senshi. Rei just happened to be absent from its only use because she was injured.
Love in the Time of Silver: Mercury and Zoisite

Even in the setting of SMC where the Senshi x Shitennou relationships were treated as solid canon rather than implied canon, Mercury’s interactions with Zoisite are minimal. Each of the other girls were able to interact one-on-one with her respective Knight. Mercury is the only one who doesn’t.

Nonetheless, they do have a very interesting (and wordless) interaction when the Senshi go up against Zoisite after he first brainwashes Tokyo into looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Mercury confronts Zoisite along with the girls (minus Usagi and Minako, obviously) and Luna, forcing him to reveal himself. Mercury tells him that they have stopped his transmission, warranting nothing more than a disgruntled utterance from him before Mars calls for an attack.

The ladies proceed to have a flying battle over the city with Zoisite. He gracefully avoids Mars and Jupiter’s heavy hitting attacks before emerging from the smoke to come face to face with Mercury.

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[ATTACK] Moon Crystal Power.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ムーン・クリスタル・パワー
Romaji: Muun Kurisutaru Pawaa

Users: Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity, Small Lady
Items required: Silver Crystal, Crystal Star
First appearance: Episode 70
Last appearance: Episode 88


  • The command Moon Crystal Power alone activated the Silver Crystal, but it also played a part in executing Sailor TeleportSailor Planet Power, and Sailor Planet Attack. The Silver Crystal seemingly played no part in those other instances.
  • Whenever Sailor Moon purified an enemy with this, the sequence played the background music from the second version of Moon Healing Escalation.
  • The Ayakashi Sisters said “Refresh” when this power cleansed them of evil.
  • Seeing as the Silver Crystal was weaker than before, this technique only seemed to affect those who were willing to be healed. During the Dark Kingdom arc, youma were turned back to normal even if they did not want to be. Moon Crystal Power almost worked on Black Lady the first time around, but Wiseman intervened. In episode 86, Black Lady deflected the Silver Crystal’s light with her umbrella.
  • The Crystal Star was not always needed to perform this. It was merely used as an instrument.

[EPISODE] 82. Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Kana: 未来への旅立ち! 時空回廊の戦い
Romaji: Mirai e no Tabidachi! Jikuu Kairou no Tatakai

Original Air Date: January 22, 1994

Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Animation Director: Hideyuki Motohashi

Plot: While traveling to the future with Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and the others encounter one of Esmeraude’s droids.


  • Sailor Planet Attack was used for the first time in the television series. It already appeared in the R movie, which was originally released in theaters on December 5, 1993.


  • This episode featured the last droid.


  • DiC’s English dub (titled “Future Shocked”):

    Sailor Planet Attack was called “Sailor Planet Power” here.

    The reason why Chibiusa/Rini knew that the droid wasn’t really her mother was changed. In the original, Ryuax mistakenly called the child “Rabbit” while disguised as Neo-Queen Serenity. This was the Black Moon Clan’s nickname for Chibiusa. Whereas in the English dub, the Genie of the Time Warp slipped up by referring to Rini as “Small Lady.” Rini stated that her mother would never call her that, though. In the Japanese version, “Small Lady” was part of Chibiusa’s actual given name.


  • Boat Pier
  • Space-Time Door
  • Space-Time Corridor
  • Nemesis
  • Black Moon Castle
  • Crystal Tokyo



[EPISODE] 102. Stolen Pure Heart! Usagi’s Desperate Situation.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Kana: 奪われた純な心! うさぎ絶体絶命
Romaji: Ubawareta Pyua na Kokoro! Usagi Zettai Zetsumei

Original Air Date: July 16, 1994

Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Animation Director: Taichi Nakamura

Plot: To rescue Tuxedo Mask, Usagi meets with Kaolinite at Tokyo Tower.


  • “Ai no Senshi” was heard again as Usagi rode in Haruka’s car. The song was previously played in episode 68.
  • The name “Sasaki” was written on Cenicienta’s warranty. This is a reference to the episode’s director, Noriyo Sasaki.
  • After Sailor Moon saved her from Kaolinite’s attack, Sailor Uranus was seen with an elbow length glove on her right arm. It switched back to its usual length as Uranus reached for the wound on her left shoulder.
  • The footage for Supreme Thunder was taken from the R movie.


  • Eudial appeared for the first time, but she did not speak.


  • The Hensou Pen was last mentioned here. Luna said in episode 52 that only Usagi could use it, though.
  • Certain Kill Love-Me Moon Chain was only shown in this episode.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “Birthday Blues” Part Two):

    In the broadcast version, the driving scenes were flipped to make it seem as if Haruka was driving on the opposite (right) side of the road.

    The television airing also included an English version of “Ai no Senshi.”


  • Parking garage
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Hikawa Shrine
  • The Death Busters’ laboratory

anonymous asked:

IMO, The Sailor Planet Attack scene in the latest episode was as bad as the spinning-wand scene. I laughed unintentionally when I saw those "real" planet pictures and their movements. But It seems that people don't talk about it much so maybe it's just me.

It was hilarious tbh,

All those planets spinning around in a very random way

And then those “The Walking Dead” hands