sailor neptune hair!


Elemental Hair: Aquamarine

Michiru’s hair is meant to evoke images of her marine element; her hair resembles both the ocean’s waves and (funnily enough) seaweed. Just like the sea’s colors are ever-changing, Michiru’s wavy hair has been shown to be a wide array of shades of blue-green, including aquamarine, teal, and turquoise. 

Aquamarine is a very sophisticated and refreshing color. As the combination between blue and green, it retains the same calming effect of both colors. Aquamarine also represents femininity, water, emotional healing, calmness, soothingness, and protection. In addition, aquamarine is said to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word, allowing one to express themselves clearly. Aquamarine is also said to heighten intuitive ability, allowing one to obtain spiritual growth.

Michiru’s hair color not only highlights her connection to the sea and her power over it, it also represents aspects of her personality. Not only is Michiru very feminine, calm, and elegant, she has a very developed sense of intuition and has no problems expressing herself, be it through words or art.