sailor moon: sailor stars cosplay

hi i am looking 4 some friendos, we can virtually hang out and scream about mutual interests ((im down for you to just talk about what u love tbh)) im tagging things i like, plz msg me if your interested, im a huge loser but i have potential to be a little less of a loser

“If I can be with you, I won’t hesitate to sell my soul to the devil." 

- when Uranus and Neptune agree to take Galaxia’s power bracelets together. 💭That would be a fun shoot 💭


Some of the amazing cosplayers from AB on Saturday! Please tag yourselves if you’re one of these cosplayers or if you know them!

I’m Mara Jade;
Lynkos Cosplay is Darth Vader;
@two-can-keep-a-secret is Ladybug!

Also that tiny Sailor Moon was so happy to hold my lightsaber! What a sweet group. Kids in cosplay make me so happy!