sailor moon: promise of the rose

It seems that in the 90s anime Rei is very mean, even abusive, towards Usagi…

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! Thanks to all who entered! :D

March 7 will mark the 25 anniversary of the Sailor Moon anime first airing in Japan, so I wanted to do something to celebrate! I’m giving away 4 Sailor Moon R: The Movie promo cards that were given out for it’s theatrical showing. (They’re about the size of a postcard, with a synopsis of the movie on the back.) I’ll be picking 2 random people on Tumblr to send cards to (as well as 2 random people from my personal Twitter account, so theoretically you can up your chances if you did both!)

Da Rules:

  • Like OR Reblog this post to enter!
  • Please no Giveaway accounts (I’ll check!)
  • This is open WORLD WIDE! So no matter where you live, I’ll send it to ya if you win! ;D
  • You have to have your asks open so I can get your contact info if you’re a winner.
  • Obviously you’d have to be ok with sending me your address so I can mail it to you.
  • You don’t have to be following me.

I’ll be choosing the winners randomly on the Sailor Moon anniversary (March 7)! So you have until then to enter. Good luck!


Sailor Moon Movie DVD Release covers: Japanese and North America.

(got them for wikimoon so they are not high res) 

Japanese: “ We are going to make the covers epic and have everyone on them but making sure Usagi is front and center”

North America: “We are just going to stick Serena on there and call it a day.

 Yes R movie have the best Japanese cover IMO.