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Y’know…I protect female characters that get hate from yaoi fans a lot….but really…people shouldn’t hate ANY character for getting in the way of ANY ship. Regardless of gender or what kind of ship it is. Ship your ship,but leave other characters alone.

Thoughts on sailor moon crystal dream arc

Sooooooo I’m not too happy with today’s news. Not because I am not for the next arc being two movies, but because this furthers the narrative of inconsistency that Toei has been laying since season 3 of crystal was announced. Let me explain: SEASON 1 is announced, and it is my full belief that they had only intended to do the first arc in 26 episodes and pad them out. They had said they intended to add things the manga only touched on and things Naoko didn’t have time to explore more. We see a little bit of that with the rushed senshiXshitenou romance, but I’m sure there would have been more (more on silver millennium, beryl, sailor v, etc) had they gone with this original route. Then they quickly realized that the work load was too much and decided to go for a 1 for 1 with the manga. Okay cool, 26 episodes, 26 acts. Perfect. Season 2? Nothing said about a season 2. PHASE 2. Okay. Not going to make them seasons. Whatever. SEASON 3 announced. Shorter “season” but basically following the ground work laid down mid way through the first season: 1 for 1. COMPLETELY different style. Not even keeping an ounce of the original two arcs style. Okay, I understand, it’s easier to animate, but again it adds to the inconsistency. I loved season 3 and it had some amazingly beautiful animation, but I wish they had just refined season ½’s style so the differences wouldn’t be so jarring. After months and months of waiting we finally get this announcement of a two part movie for the dream arc and I honestly feel like I have whiplash. I LOVE the idea of being movies instead of full seasons, but they should of done so to start with. @sailorcrisis and I were planning on redoing the first arc as a 3 part movie, which could of worked really nicely. And that format could lend itself to the manga better since things are more condensed. You could be faithful to the manga and have a little room for padding things out. But no. Instead we get two seasons for one, a third season that is shorter with better animation, but a less refined style. And now a two part movie for a fourth season. With no visuals mind you. COME ON. We keep being dicked around with this series and it’s honestly not cool. Sailor Moon is one of the most legendary animes of all time. It deserves better treatment and more thought out into it. I’m sure I’ll love the movies, because I’ve loved all the sailor moon crystal stuff (regardless of complaints) but I really hoped for more from it. End of rant

Even though Sailor Moon Crystal is a good series so far, one tiiiiny criticism I would make is that it takes way too long to get to the meat of the story. We really didn’t need nine episodes to explain who the five Sailor Scouts are or that Usagi is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity and she knew Tuxedo Mask in her past life. The opening credits pretty much tell us all of that. It is nice to get a little backstory on the individual Sailor Scouts and TM but stuff like dragged out sequences where Sailor V is claiming to be the princess when it’s already really obvious that Usagi is the princess can get a little bit tedious. I found myself just waiting for the team to finally get together and realize what’s going on so we can get on with this.

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Something I've been wondering for a bit about PGSM... if they had gotten to Neptune and Uranus, how would they be portrayed? This show is so amazing in many meanings of the word I just have no idea how it would handle them...

Interesting question! I’m no expert on the production history of Sailor Moon, but I always figured that it was never meant to last longer than an arc. They took the Gravity Falls route and ended it before it could be canceled. So, to cover all their bases, they put elements from the whole series into the one season (Princess Sailor Moon as Saturn, Luna as Chibiusa, and Minako as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto combined). So the question is, how could they make a Uranus and Neptune that isn’t just a repeat of what Minako represents? I think they’d probably take the gay angle. 

Since the focus on THE MISSION/sacrifice/devotion to the Princess belongs to Minako now, I would love to see an old-fashioned episode-106 style romance. Our dear Haruka and Michiru have been raised to be what was expected of them. Michiru is supposed to be a high-class elite artist, a trophy child. Haruka is supposed to get out of high school and be a mechanic like her dad. They are both supposed to like boys. They see themselves as products of unchangeable circumstance. All of these plans get thrown out of balance when they take up their roles as guardians. To amp up the drama: Michiru breaks her wrist during a battle, metaphorically detaching her from the painting and violin lessons she used to spent hours on. Haruka gets recruited by a sports team, behind her family’s back. At least ten episodes are devoted to Haruka and Michiru making knitted items for each other. 

The other girls, now a little older, are struggling with this too; Usagi and her friends have to choose between what destiny wants them to be, and what they want to be. This would be a good arc to have Ami leave for Germany to pursue her career. The others start to focus on their personal goals as well. Usagi (who has not seen Crystal Tokyo) doesn’t know what to do with her life. She just wants to make everyone happy. Though being a Senshi is what brought them all together, it isn’t what keeps them together.  Friendship is. Love is. 

So that’s what I would do if Toei commissioned me to make a live action PGSM spin-off series. Call me, Toei. 

Aah… I was excited about the Seiya event on principle, but it’s got episodes! New story!! I’m so excited!


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Sailor Moon/The Lunar Chronicles Crossover AU

(I was gonna write it, but I didn’t know how to write it, so I’m just gonna do a stream-of-consciousness “if this was a thing” headcanon.)

Cinder Linh – Sailor Moon 
Non-magical personality-wise, Cinder is much more productive and much less doted-on. However, their similarities stretch past just being lost moon princesses – they’re both very loyal. Extremely loving and will gladly throw themselves in the line of fire to save someone. Care more about the good of the world than themselves, even if reluctant at first.

-Love Interest – Tuxedo Mask//Prince Kai
Relationship dynamics are more or less quite different, unless you take their history into consideration. During the Silver Millennium (SM), Mask is an earthen prince and Moon is a lunar princess. Their love is forbidden, as it is in TLC - it’s not uncommon for lunars and earthens to enter into relationships, but it is still prohibited, especially among royals. This does not stop them from falling in love. Because of course it doesn’t. There is, also, someone standing between both of the couples. Evil: Queen Beryl and Queen Levana, both driven by different desires (Beryl by an evil energy and jealousy over her unrequited love for Endymion; Levana by her need for power). In the end (and we aren’t sure, but can hope, right?), love wins out.

Scarlet Benoit – Sailor Mars
Both fiery as can be, and with a certain adoration for the color red. They’re both really passionate about the people they love, though sometimes hide behind a hardness they use as a sort of defense mechanism, but they’re actually really big softies. 

Crescent Moon Darnel – Sailor Mercury
Both highly intelligent and good with technology and research, these two ladies enjoy learning about things. They start out as social recluses (for drastically different reasons), but soon grow to have a stable group of friends who love and support them, no matter what. What they lack in physical strength, they make up for in strategic planning and intelligence-based attacks.

Winter Hayle-Blackburn – Sailor Jupiter
Winter and Makoto are both highly misunderstood by far too many people. Both fans of nature in general, including flowers and animals, they have huge hearts of gold full of nothing other than love and adoration for their friends.

Iko – Sailor Venus
If Iko were human, she would be Minako to a T. Not carefree, but gladly sees the positive aspects of everything. Honest and devoted, they’re behind their princesses 110%. Both love fashion and Iko would definitely be a huge fan of all of Minako’s favorite idols. 

Prince Kai – Tuxedo Mask 
Dorky romantic saps, those two. Need I say more? (Okay, I will.) Hella loyal, but easily used by the enemy for power gain. Not exactly powerful, but strong supporters. Ever-willing to risk themselves for not only their Sailor Moons, but for the sake of the world – they underestimate their overall importance, a result of always putting others before themselves.

((I didn’t do love interest analyses for everyone else, because their interests - or lack thereof - were far too different.))

My Sailor Moon argumentative thesis (final draft)

For my Mass Media and Society class, I had to write an argumentative paper; luckily, I managed to incorporate Sailor Moon into it! Ever since I announced I was writing it, my followers have been clamoring for me to share the finishing result, so here it is! Warning: It’s super fucking long, around 2,300 words.

NOTE: I posted my rough draft earlier, but this is the final copy. It’s not much different (as my teacher was happy with the majority of it), but there are some tweaks here and there. So here it is!

Sailor Moon: A Timeless Phenomenon

The world of entertainment is oftentimes unstable. Something that is at the height of popularity at one point can drop into near-obscurity just a few months later, trends are set and broken simultaneously, and what an audience is looking for in their choice of entertainment can vary widely even over a short period of time. However, there are some series that are, in effect, timeless, managing to stay popular and relevant for years, long past the point of their conclusions. One such series is Sailor Moon (known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon in its native country of Japan), an anime (cartoon) and manga (comic book) series, which is aimed at girls. Although many believe that Sailor Moon was nothing more than a passing trend, it continues to have a significantly positive impact on both girls and popular culture even after 22 years.

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