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A Synopsis of Le Mouvment Final, the Sailor Stars musical

Here is my mostly comprehensive synopsis of Le Mouvement Final, the final Sailor Moon revival musical that opened in Tokyo on September 8th, 2017. This synopsis is full of spoilers. And pictures. You have been warned. 

Also, I apologize for errors and omissions. I took notes for this one, but it’s a tad hard to take comprehensive notes in the dark. 

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Sailor Moon Trivia: The Birth of Eternal Sailor Moon

Eternal Sailor Moon’s original appearance in the Musicals comes in the revised edition of the SuperS Musical. In this version of the series, Super Sailor Moon is defeated and subsequently killed by Queen Nehelenia and the remaining nine Sailor Soldiers attempt to revive Sailor Moon by combining their powers. When this fails, Sailor Mars pleads with the audience to help them by calling out to Sailor Moon in a loud voice. When the audience call out to her, Sailor Moon awakens and transforms with “Moon Eternal, Make Up!” for the very first time.

In other words, in the musicals, Sailor Moon’s ultimate form is born out of the dreams and love of her fans and friends.

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So here's an outline of the Dark Kingdom arc of the manga
  • Act 1: Usagi, Sailor Moon- Usagi Tsukino is introduced and, after a fateful encounter with a black cat named Luna, transforms into the beautiful sailor-suited soldier, Sailor Moon.
  • Act 2: Ami, Sailor Mercury- Usagi meets Ami Mizuno, a genius classmate of hers, who is later revealed to be the Soldier of Water and Wisdom, Sailor Mercury.
  • Act 3: Rei, Sailor Mars- Usagi and Ami meet a beautiful, fiery miko named Rei, whose shrine is at the center of a string of disappearances. While investigating these vanishings, Rei is revealed to be the Soldier of Flames and Passion, Sailor Mars.
  • Act 4: Masquerade- In search of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou, Usagi crashes a high-class party and, in the process, grows closer to the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.
  • Act 5: Makoto, Sailor Jupiter- Usagi befriends the new transfer student, Makoto Kino, who carries a fierce reputation. Underneath that, however, she’s revealed to be a very sweet and kindhearted girl. After the Sailor Senshi investigate rumors of a ghost who haunts a bridal shop (in reality a youma), Mako arrives and is given a transformation pen by Luna, which she uses to transform into the Soldier of Lightning and Courage, Sailor Jupiter.
  • Act 6: Tuxedo Mask- As Usagi struggles with the revelation that she’s the leader of the Sailor Senshi upon being gifted with the Moon Stick, she also takes the opportunity to get to know Mamoru Chiba better. After a fierce battle where Tuxedo Mask supports her and helps her finish off the enemy, Sailor Moon passes out and Tuxedo Mask rushes off to take her to a safe place where she can recover. Later on, she wakes up in Mamoru’s apartment.
  • Act 7: Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask- After Mamoru comes in to check on Usagi (who had de-transformed), Usagi realizes that he is Tuxedo Mask. When she asks him why he does what he does, Mamoru shares his backstory with Usagi, revealing that he is an orphan. When he was 6, he and his parents were in a horrific car accident in which Mamoru was the sole survivor; however, he emerged from his coma with complete amnesia. After having repeated dreams about the Ginzuishou, Mamoru believes that obtaining it will recover his memories. They then exchange mementos; Usagi gets Mamoru’s Moon Phase watch and he gets her handkerchief. Later on, the Senshi are nearly defeated by Zoisite, until the Soldier of Love and Beauty, Sailor V, arrives and saves them.
  • Act 8: Minako, Sailor V- Sailor V, now Sailor Venus, arrives with her guardian cat, Artemis, and introduces herself. According to Artemis, not only is she the famous Soldier of Justice, she’s also the Moon Princess that they have been searching for, Princess Serenity. Venus then reveals herself to be a 14-year-old girl named Minako Aino and catches up with the girls. She also gives them more in-depth information about their enemies, the Dark Kingdom. Meanwhile, Usagi and Mamoru grow closer. Later on, during an intense battle with Kunzite, Tuxedo Mask dives in front of Sailor Moon to protect her from an attack. 
  • Act 9: Serenity, Princess- A severely injured Mamoru suddenly gains memories of his past life as Prince Endymion. Meanwhile, in her sorrow over Mamoru’s sacrifice, Sailor Moon begins to cry. Amazingly, her tiara breaks apart, revealing a crescent moon marking underneath; as that happens, Venus’s own crescent moon marking fades and is replaced by a tiara, revealing that she was not the real Moon Princess, just a decoy. Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity and remembers her past life on the Moon. As she cries over Endymion, one of her tears crystalizes and transforms into the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou. After the Dark Kingdom regroups to attack and steal the Ginzuishou, the Senshi transport Serenity away but are forced to leave Mamoru, who is kidnapped by Kunzite. Later on, Luna announces that they will visit the ruins of their ancient home, the Moon Kingdom, in order to find some answers.
  • Act 10: Moon- The Senshi transport to the ruins of the ancient Moon Kingdom, where the spirit of the former Queen and Princess Serenity’s mother, Queen Serenity, greets them and tells them about their past lives. She reveals that, after the fall of the Silver Millennium, she used the Ginzuishou to send Serenity, Endymion, the Senshi, and the rest of her court to be reborn on Earth. However, in her grief, she was unable to fully seal Queen Metalia, the true evil behind the Dark Kingdom. Before they leave, Venus is given possession of the Legendary Sword, a stone sword whose purpose is to protect the Princess. After the Senshi return to Earth, Queen Beryl uses her powers to revive and brainwash Mamoru, now known as Endou. 
  • Act 11: Reunion, Endymion- Endou is sent back to Tokyo and begins to search for Usagi in order to steal the Ginzuishou. Meanwhile, the Senshi investigate the Legendary Sword. Later on, Usagi meets Endou, who quickly reveals himself to be an agent of the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl then arrives and meets Usagi face to face for the first time in millennia.  
  • Act 12: Enemy, Queen Metalia- Queen Beryl savagely attacks Sailor Moon, nearly killing her until Sailor Venus manages to use the Legendary Sword to slay her. However, it takes so much energy from her that she faints, leading to her being kidnapped by Endou, closely followed after by Sailor Moon. The Senshi are able to track down the Dark Kingdom’s stronghold at Point D in the North Pole. They arrive just as Endou tries to strangle Sailor Moon and are greeted by Queen Metalia. They try to attack Metalia, only for it to absorb their attacks. Driven to despair over losing Endymion again, Sailor Moon stabs him with the Legendary Sword before turning it on herself.
  • Act 13: Decisive Battle, Reincarnation- The desperate Senshi try once again to attack Metalia only to fail. Metalia then consumes Usagi and Mamoru. The Senshi retreat back to Tokyo only to be confronted by the chaos and violence that Metalia is spreading. They decide to return to D Point while Luna and Artemis return to the Moon Kingdom in order to receive Queen Serenity’s aid. The Senshi decide to channel all their power to their Transformation Pens in order to revive Usagi and Mamoru. It works, but doing it costs the Senshi their lives. Their sacrifice awakens Usagi who discovers that she can finally wield the Ginzuishou; it blossoms from its dormant shape into a flower and awakens Mamoru, now free of his brainwashing. The spirits of the Shitennou, who were once Prince Endymion’s guardians, appear and aid Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask by telling them where Metalia’s weak spot is. Extending the Moon Stick into a staff and calling on the powers of the Ginzuishou, Sailor Moon swears to destroy Metalia once and for all.
  • Act 14: An Ending and then a Beginning- As Sailor Moon fights, Luna and Artemis call on the power of the Moon, giving Sailor Moon extra power and allowing her to finally destroy Metalia. Although Metalia is killed, the massive power surge destroys Usagi’s Transformation Brooch, leaving her unable to transform. Meanwhile, the Silver Crystal’s power resurrects the once ruined Moon Kingdom. Usagi and Mamoru reunite and reaffirm their love. However, a horrified Usagi discovers that her friends have sacrificed themselves for her. Luna then calls Usagi and Mamoru to the Moon, where they meet the spirit of Queen Serenity for one last time; she tells them to live happily and gifts Usagi with a new brooch, the Crystal Star. With her new power, Sailor Moon is able to revive the Senshi (along with the rest of the world) and happily reunites with them. Life goes back to normal. As Usagi and Mamoru share a romantic date, a pink-haired child quite literally drops down from the sky and steals Usagi’s kiss from Mamoru. The girl, also named Usagi, demands to know Usagi’s name. After hearing that her name is Usagi Tsukino, she pulls out a gun and aims it squarely at Usagi’s forehead, demanding for her to hand over the Ginzuishou…

That does it for the first arc and what we can expect from Crystal! Even if Crystal veers off with its own plotlines, we can expect to see a lot of the above. Also, given that there are 26 episodes, we can probably expect filler and episodes that expand on the aforementioned manga chapters.


It has just been confirmed that the NEW SAILOR MOON ANIME will be titled “Moonford and Daughter” and the theme song will be the theme from “Sanford and Son”. 

The series will follow the adventures of Usagi Moonford and her daughter Lamont-Usa, crime-fighting junk dealers who deal junk by day, and deal punishment by night.

Mitsuishi Kotono will be the voice of Usagi Moonford.

Demond Wilson will be the voice of Usagi’s daughter, Lamont-Usa Moonford.

Wanda Sykes will be the voice of Usagi’s magic talking cat, Chuck, due in part to the pure randomness and the potential hilarity of hearing a cat with Wanda Sykes’s voice say, “My name is Chuck.” Did you just imagine it? I sure did.

Roseanne Barr is rumored to be the voice of Usagi’s arch nemesis, Queen Beer-Beryl, because why not.

Fran Drescher will perform the ending theme, Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You,” also because why not.

The 62,000-episode series will begin airing Summer 2013.

Reading comments on's Sailor Moon article:

“wat channel is it going 2 come on?????1”

“hwaaa… i wish i can watch this anime once again… will it only show on U.S.A???”

“I can’t wait is this true? Are they allowing sailormoon back on television ohhh yay!”

“OH!!! I’m so excited about Sailor Moon returning on television….I always watched the show every morning before school. Love Tuxedo Mask and Serena!”

“so wait… is the show coming back or the manga?”

“so mtv is gonna show Sailor Moon in September seriously ?!! :D i used to watch this show all the time !”


“are they bringing back the show too?”

“OMG I cant wait!!!!! my fav. sailor scout is sailor saturn. I hope she is in the manga!”

“Sailor moon was the first anime I watched. I fell in love with it. Im so glad they r going to bring it back. I just hope the give this new one justice just like all the other ones. I have all the seasons and even the last one "Starlights” that they never translated to english. Im just glad that story line is still going on and I hope one day that they turn the in to new seasons for tv lol. that would be great to.“

"OMFG ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This Is Sooo Awezome ! ! I Was Just Finishing The Sailor Stars Today For Like The 20th Time ! ! ! :D Yaaayyyyyyy ! ! ! ! ! Will They Make A Tv Show ? ? ? Or Atlest Dubb The Sailor Moon Stars In English ? ? ? ! ! ! Or Btter Put Sailor Moon Back On Tv :D American Fans Have Missed Her.. So MUCH ! ! ;’)”

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i will not miss this for the world if i could i would quit my job so i can be sure i wont miss it lol”

“omg i cant believe it! i watched all the series on youtube but its still missing parts i cant wait!!! im SOOOO EXCITED!!!!

"well i’m a big fan of sailor moon, so i was doing search long time ago, and i new sailor will appears. is sailor Earth, she is Darien sister. well, is everything that i can said i don’t want to mess it.”

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you serious?! my first anime show to wach ever is coming back!!!!!! OMG now i know how justin beiber fans feel lol”

“i love salior moon i cant belive its coming back on hell yeah :D”

“wow……sailor moon is coming back to tv……..OMG ITS A DREAM COME TRUE I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!! ITS A CHILDHOOD FAVORITE”

“OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sailor Moon is BACK, Baby!!!!!!! I LOVE this Show Sooooooooooo Much Since 1995!!! I was in FIFTH Grade when Sailor Moon Came OUT and the Show WAS Amazing!!! Please, if they EVER Make Sailor Moon into a REAL Human MOVIE, TAYLOR SWIFT, Has to Play SAILOR Moon!!!!!!! NO Doubt!!! Also, Angelina Jolie Has to Play Queen Barrel!!!!!! Both Would KICK BUT!!! Gosh, What I would Give to Play a Sailor Moon Character!!!!!!! First, the Movie Would Rock, I would Make SURE of it!!! Also, AT LEAST 3 Movies to Make a AWESOME TRILOGY!!! For Example, "STAR WARS’ and ’ The LORD of the Rings” Movies!!! This Would Be Ultimately BE the Best Trilogy Added to the Classics. So Getting Back to the REAL World, EARTH, I Always WOULD be Honored to Play and Be, “ PRINCE Darien.” Please Queen Serenity LET THIS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be the BEST Birthday Present, EVER!!!!!!!!!!! :) LOVE Always and Forever, Everyone!!! Ian C. U Later!!! :)“


Well, these people clearly aren’t Sailor Moon fans. If you were, you would have actually took the time to read the article. The manga is being reprinted. The dub is not coming back on the air. BY THE WAY, her name is Usagi, not Serena. And they’re senshi, not "scouts.”

I love how they’re HUGE FANS OH MY GOD - yet can not spell their names correctly. Who is Queen Barrel?

*waits for sailorfailures to photoshop Queen Beryl get-up on an actual barrel*

anonymous asked:

Why the fuck do you get so angry about sailor moon its just some magical girl anime the fuck


Sailor Moon is not “Some Magical girl” anime. It is basically the mother of the Magical Girl Genre as we know it. And the Magical Girl genre is so fucking important to females and little girls everywhere. 

Female coming of age narratives are a fucking rarity in most societies and that is exactly what the Magical Girl Genre is. This is a heroes journey for females, a narrative about growing up as a woman as a girl, and the failures, sucsess and hardships that come with that. And if you don’t think that is importan get the fuck out of my face.

Now on to why I get angry about the current events: Sailor Moon getting a revival is huge. With so many manga, Light novels, games etc published, the industry is in no short supply for things to adapt as animes. MOST anime will never get a secondary adaption. Those that do, that adapt closer to the manga, are rare. I can name maybe three off the top of my head. The fact that it was decided that not only would they be adapting this again, but also, in the states, re-releasing the original is a huge deal. This is spreading the mother of magical girls to a whole new generation, one that didn’t grow up with it both in Japan and America. The character designs, production, voices and music were ALL run by Takeuchi herself. They kept this mama bear fully in the loop with what was going on with her baby. That is something many creators whose manga gets turned into an anime do NOT have.

And people are BITCHING because “oh I don’t like the style” Okay well I don’t fucking like you.

The only thing I don’t like about the revival of the Digimon series is that we get to have the same tiring argument that we did when Sailor Moon got a revival. Or when any old show gets a remake.

‘Wehh, why doesn’t it look exactly like the original, wehh’
'They’re ruining my memories of it!!’
'Why do the character designs look different? WHY DIFFEREANCE WHY NOT SAEM???’

Oh my god please shut up. Please for the love of god let’s not have this argument every time a beloved older series gets rekindled. Please. I am absolutely thrilled that I am going to be reliving my childhood, but if I wanted it to look exactly like the original I would go and watch the original.

People are complaining about the new designs. And how they don’t look like the old ones. Literally who gives a shit–the old designs are dated, they were great in 1999 but they can stay there. Atsuya Uki who is behind the new character designs also did those for Tsuritama, and a load of work on Cencoroll which is stunning. Personally having him involved makes me extremely happy and I’m excited to see his take on the kids we all love so much.

And the bickering and whinging I’ve seen so far has been based off a sole image. One poster. The anime is still a little while off and I imagine that with every new official reveal we’re going to get another slew of pissbabies whining about how it isn’t essentially just a digitally remastered version of the original episodes. If you were old enough to be watching Digimon when it first aired, you should definitely be old enough by now to accept that change happens and to give that change a chance before you start crying about your 'ruined childhood’.

The first time I read the manga, I was really surprised by how much more powerful the Legendary Silver Crystal was in comparison to its anime counterpart. In the manga, Sailor Moon uses it to revive an entire city with little to no effort, while in the anime, its power is a lot more fragile. Heck, it even shatters in the R movie! Seeing as it’s Usagi’s Star Seed and life force, I think the manga version is more fitting.

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The Revival

It started out as

Hey the anime is getting rebroadcast in a few countries.

Meh. That’s nice I guess.

Then it began to pick up a bit of steam

The manga is getting an all new English translation and release

Hey that’s pretty neat!

But there was more to it than met the eye

Also Codename: Sailor V is getting a proper English release too

…Whoa…That’s…That’s actually kinda a big deal

And then the shape of things to come truly crystalised

There is a new Sailor Moon anime coming

What! That’s wonderful!

But did we truly dare to dream…

The new anime shall be closer to the original manga

…You….you’re serious…This isn’t a joke we’re actually getting what we’ve wanted all these years?

And then from out of the blue…it happened…

Sailor Moon is going to be released digitally and on blu-ray…

Wow! That’s so-

…in the USA…

Hooray! Those old US releases are hard to come by and-

…with all new English subtitles…

Huh? But those subtitles will look weird given all the censorsh-

…completely uncut…

Hey alright I guess those subtitles won’t be weird at all, just the English dub dialogue. But we can live with that. Sure it’ll be almost  166 episodes of awkward dub dialogue but-

…all 200 episodes. Including Sailor Stars…


Can…Can it be? After so many years in the wilderness us Western Sailor Moon fans can finally bear witness to the final episodes of our beloved series? This is just so-

And it will be completely redubbed with a new English voice cast

Okay you’re just ****ing with me aren’t  you!

And there you have it my friends. The slow but oh so rewarding story of how the Sailor Moon revival started as an innocuous little rebroadcast and snowballed into, let’s face it, a dream come true for many of us.

For years we’ve wondered and hopelessly wished to see what a closer adaptation of the manga would look like. For almost as long we’ve wanted a true home release of the original series. And in our wildest imaginations we concocted fantasies of a new more faithful English dub of the 200 episode legend.

But seriously guys…did any of us expect any of that to happen all at once!

I know I didn’t. But if I had to tell you how happy I am about it all I’d say I was…

<puts on sunglasses>

…over the moon…