sailor moon drinking game

Sailor moon drinking game


Watch any episode in English with the original subtitles on (The S series works best because of Haruka and Michiru)


Start off with one drink at the beginning of the episode to back the English voice acting slightly more bearable


Take one drink:

Anytime someone uses bad 90s slang (extra drink if it’s a word with “-meister” or “-osaurus” on the end)

Any time characters shout their lines for no good reason

Anytime there is a really stupid name change (ex. “Prince Darien” instead of Prince Endymion)

Any character is much ruder to “Serena” then they were to Usagi

Any character slips up and reveals their identity but it’s ignored

No one’s talking in the sub but the monologue keeps going in the dub (or vice versa)

Anytime “Molly” is on (just because her voice acting is by far the worst and that’s saying something)

Anytime a Monster makes a bad pun regarding their design theme (extra drink if one of the Senshi mentions it in her speech)

Anytime Sailor Moon’s speech ends with “… and that means you!” instead of “I’ll punish you!”

Every time we see a “Sailor Says” (extra drink if the “Sailor Says…” segment includes footage that was cut from the actual episode)

Anytime Sailor Moon’s speech is prompted by someone else asking, “Who are you?”

Every time someone is grossly out of character (ex. “Serena"’s a total bitch, "Amy” acts boy-crazy, “Mina” is the responsible one)


Take two drinks:

Every time the dub drastically changes the conversation to something totally unrelated

Anytime a character’s gender is changed

Anytime Haruka or Michiru say something really gay and it’s dubbed as something else

Every time Haruka and Michiru make bedroom eyes at each other

Anytime Haruka flirts with someone and it’s edited out

Anytime “Michelle” mentions an ex-boyfriend to further determine her as straight

Anytime an entire scene of animation is missing or changed (take an extra drink if an entire episode is missing)

Anytime the dub makes continuity errors

Anytime Sailor Moon says “Moondusted!”

Anytime someone’s attack name is totally different that episode for no reason


Finish your drink if:

Usagi gets drunk and the dub plays it off as “having too much sugar/caffeine”

“Amara” and “Michelle” say they’re “cousins”

“Serena” yells “Darieeeeeeen”

Something sexual is said and the dub ignores it


Result: By the end on one episode you should be too knackered to even talk, have fun :D

In the name of the moon, I will drink all your booze

Sailor Moon Drinking Game #1

This game is meant to be played when watching the Dub version because who the hell wants to read subtitles when they’re drunk? And more to the point I’ve focused it on the first season and first half of R because those are the only DVDs I own. Feel free to supplement your own rules if you’re watching a different version.

Everyone play along and post your increasingly drunken thoughts about the series.

  • DRAIN if it’s fucking Molly getting attacked again (exception for the first episode)
  • SIP every time you see stock footage (this includes Tuxedo Masks’s rose sinking into the floor; you can skip this rule if you’re not too fond of alcohol poisoning). TWO SIPS if it’s “Disguise Power”, though, because it’s cool and doesn’t get used nearly enough.
  • SIP every time someone uses out-dated slang. TWO SIPS if it’s a word with “-meister” or “-osaurus” on the end. DRAIN if it’s not even a real word (wongo???).
  • SIP every time someone is grossly OOC - Serena’s a total bitch, Amy acts boy-crazy, Mina is the responsible one, etc.
  • DRAIN if someone’s attack name is totally different that episode for no reason.
  • SIP every time Darien appears wearing a pink shirt or that terrible jogging mishap. If you want to play hard, SIP every time he wears his green blazer.
  • SIP every time a Monster makes a truly awful pun regarding their design theme/the theme of the episode. TWO SIPS if Sailor Moon mentions it in her speech. THREE SIPS if it’s any of the other Scouts.
  • SIP every time a character lets slip that the show takes place in Tokyo.
  • If you really want to get drunk fast, SIP every time you see a Dub-only scene transition. Otherwise, just SIP every time it’s not actually transitioning anywhere (ie. it happens in the middle of a scene). TWO SIPS if it obscures something important.
  • SIP every time it’s obvious that Japanese was poorly removed from the background.
  • TWO SIPS every time there’s glaringly obvious Japanese that was left in.
  • SIP every time Serena trips over something.
  • For R: SIP every time Anne says some variation of “But Alan, if the tree dies, we die!”
  • TWO SIPS every time Raye and Serena get into a fight that involves raspberries.
  • SIP every time Serena is called “Meatball Head”, or some variant of. TWO SIPS if it’s not by Darien.
  • SIP: “Moondusted!”
  • TWO SIPS if you spot a reference to Sailor Moon or another series within the episode (eg. a Sailor V plush in the crane machine, or a poster with Wapiko on it). Doesn’t count if the characters acknowledge it (so, not for the Sailor V poster/game).
  • SIP if Raye gets to use one of her seals.
  • THREE SIPS if the girls get to kick ass without being transformed.
  • SIP if Amy says something needlessly nerdy in an attempt to show that she is the “smart” one. TWO SIPS if it’s Melvin. THREE if the reference is merely “the Internet”.
  • SIP for every panty shot that got by the censors. Awww yeaahhh.
  • SIP every time Lita mentions someone (or… thing) reminds her of her “old boyfriend”. TWO SIPS if he mentions him by name (Kenny).
  • TWO SIPS every time Serena and Mina do something in tandem.
  • THREE SIPS every time someone gets a new item, attack or upgrade.
  • SIP if her speech ends with “… and that means you!” instead of “I’ll punish you!”.
  • THREE SIPS if the “Sailor Says…” segment includes footage that was cut from the actual episode.
  • SIP every time Serena is referred to as the “leader” before she gets the Crescent Moon Wand.
  • THREE SIPS every time Rini uses the Luna-P ball’s “Kitty Magic”.
  • THREE SIPS if Tuxedo Masks’s speech doesn’t make a fucking lick of sense.
  • THREE SIPS each time it’s painfully obvious that the scene has been edited - the frame freezes awkwardly, or they decide to recycle/reverse clips…
  • THREE SIPS if the episode title has “Blues” in it.
  • TWO SIPS if Sailor Moon’s speech is prompted by someone else asking, “Who are you??”.
  • THREE SIPS each time you hear a proper song in English - stuff like “Rainy Day Man”, “My Only Love”, etc. This doesn’t include the opening at the beginning of the episode, but it does count if you hear it during the episode sung by the characters.
  • You can skip this rule if you want, but SIP every time Princess Serena shows that she’s A LADY a Princess by not using a contraction (that means something like “it is” instead of “it’s”).
  • For the later seasons, SIP every time you see “the gang” hanging out at the Crown Parlour (that’s the cafe part, not the arcade). Also SIP every time there’s a study session at Raye’s.
  • DRAIN if a Scout other than Sailor Moon beats the MoTD.

That’s all I can think of for now. Some are pinched from various other Sailor Moon Drinking Games I found on the ‘net. If you have your own suggestions let me know through Asks, or post them and tag them with #Sailor Moon Drinking Game. Hopefully this will be fun.

Sailor moon drinking game

My friend is turning 21 this weekend so we decided to make a drinking game and since we’re on a Sailor moon kick of course we decided to do that. So every time this happens in an episode either take a sip or a shot.

  1. Pick a person and every time they say “ I will punish you" 
  2. Every time Jupiter mentions her ex boyfriend
  3. Every time Sailor Moon cries
  4. Every time someone flirts with Uranus
  5. Every time Sailor moon gets jealous over Tuxedo mask
  6. Every time sailor moon gets called meatball head
  7. You can’t determine the gender of someone
  8. When you see tuxedo mask transform
  9. Everytime there is a sailor v reference
  10. When you see the moon princess
  11. Sailor moon runs into a trap
  12. When sailor moon fails a test
  13. Everytime sailor mercury uses her super computer
  14. Artemis and luna flirt
  15. They go to the cafe
  16. Anyone eyes turn into hearts
  17. Someone is talking but no mouths are moving
  18. Every time mini moon acts like a spawn Satan
  19. Iconic 90s slang
  20. Everytime Sailor moon loses a object
  21. Sailor mars and sailor moon fight
  22. When there is a prolonged stare between characters
And here it is! Sailor Moon Drinking Game

Feel free to add more below. 


General Rules

-Usagi cries (sip)

-Tuxedo Mask throws a rose (sip)

-Rei and Usagi stick out their tongues at each other (sip)

-A mysterious new business opens in Juban (sip)

-“Tsuki ni kawatte oshiokio!” is said (sip)

-Anyone makes a food-related comment about Usagi’s hair (sip)

-Mamoru is kidnapped (chug)

-A Sailor Senshi’s attack fails (chug)

-Naru is targeted by the enemy (sip)

-Luna is a bitch to Artemis (sip)

-Luna is a bitch in general (sip)

-When a major character/ likeable villain dies, toast to them and finish your drink (yes, this may mean several drinks in a row)

-When a major character is resurrected, toast to them and finish your drink

Sailor Moon Classic:

-Luna reveals valuable information (sip)

-The Disguise Pen is used (sip)

-A new Sailor Senshi appears (chug)

-Zoisite and Kunzite are lovey-dovey (chug)

-Silver Millennium flashback (chug)

Sailor Moon R:

-Chibiusa is a brat (sip)

-Ail plays that goddawful song (sip)

-Moonlight Knight says “Adieu” (sip)

-Hearts are broken within the Black Moon Clan (sip)

-Sailor Pluto says something cryptic (sip)

-Someone calls Chibiusa “Small Lady” (sip)

Sailor Moon S:

-Rose petals and ooh-ooh music (sip)

-Haruka/ Michiru make a “The sea is stormy”- related prediction (sip)

-Haruka is mistaken as a guy (sip)

-Setsuna says something cryptic (sip)

-Hotaru collapses/ is possessed (sip)

-Haruka gives a girl who isn’t Michiru a ride—motorcycle or car, and it’s okay if Michiru is in the car (chug)

-Professor Tomoe is “affectionate” with one of the Witches 5 or Kaorinite (chug)

Sailor Moon SuperS:

-Pegasus says something creepy (sip)


-Palla Palla speaks in the third person (sip)

-Fisheye cross-dresses (chug)

-Someone fails to notice the giant floating circus (chug)

Sailor Moon Stars:

-Seiya hits on Usagi (sip)

-Minako hits on Seiya, Taiki, or Yaten (sip)

-Iron Mouse’s phone rings (sip)

-Setsuna says something cryptic (sip)

-Haruka is mistaken as a guy (sip)

-Aluminum Siren eats something (sip)

-Haruka and Michiru make sexual innuendos (chug)

-“Star Gentle Uterus” is used (chug) 

sailor moon drinking game

> take a drink every time the Senshi say “Sailor Moon” in unison

> but if they each say “Sailor Moon” individually, take a shot for each one

Sailor Moon R Drinking Game

So, I watched the movie Sailor Moon R tonight and I made a drinking game for it. I plan on doing this with my two friends this Wednesday. :D More rules might be added or taken away. Depends, as out of the three of us our drinking tolerances are basically: J-Man=Extremely high, Me=Moderately High, K=Pathetically Low. Whatev, we’re finally celebrating November ending. :D

This is for the Dubbed Version. I’m thinking about doing the other movies too. I’ll put those up if I do. :)


Drink Every Time:

  • Darien acts gay
  • Someone Transforms
  • There’s a heartfelt speech
  • There’s a reference to Serena being the Moon Princess
  • Plant Guy acts gay
  • Rini calls Serena Momma
  • Someone calls out their attack
  • Plant Guy has second thoughts
  • A bad guy dissolves
  • Someone sacrifices themselves for Serena

For Getting Totally Fucked Up:

  • Drink every time something ridiculous and/or LOL-worthy happens that was meant to be serious.


BTW: I laughed really hard, for several minutes, because as Plant Guy was attacking Sailor Moon he yelled out the word “BAMBOOZLED!”

I heart english dub. So hard.

Sailor Moon Drinking Game #2

This isn’t a second drinking game, but rather, more rules to go with the first lot. After playing the game first-hand for a little while it became apparent that there had been some gross oversights.
Same background as before; these are for the Dub DVDs only and are mostly about the first two seasons since 1) reading subtitles when drunk is not recommended, and 2) those are the DVDs I own. I apologise if there are typos; I’m probably drunk. It is a wonder I am typing at all.

  • SIP every time the words clearly don’t match up with their mouth-flaps. I’m talking super-noticeable, here; like where a character’s mouth hangs open for ages of silence, or their jaw moves eleven times for a two-syllable word. If you took a sip for every little mis-matched word you’d end up pissing yourself before the ad break.
  • SIP each time they mess up which Nega-whatever they’re talking about; for reference, “Negaverse” is the “Dark Kingdom” (their evil organisation) and “Negaforce” is Metaria (the thing they gather energy to feed), but for quite a few of the early episodes they use them interchangeably. If you want you can also SIP each time any enemy past the first series mentions being part of a “Nega-"whatever; like when the Doom Tree aliens mention Queen Beryl, or when Catzy says she’s from the "Negamoon”, etc.
  • SIP each time someone mentions a surprisingly long/difficult/uncommon word that would be considered extended vocabulary for its target audience of elementary school kids (“vapid”, “impertinent”, etc.).
  • DRAIN each time someone mentions something that never fucking happened.
  • SIP each time the communicators are used because they’re cool and not seen nearly enough.
  • SIP each time someone goes too overboard in insulting someone (unless they’re a monster or speaking to one).
  • SIP each time someone’s last name is mentioned (unless it’s a teacher, or someone else usually referred to by their last name - in which case, SIP when hearing their first name).
  • Later episodes; SIP each time Terri Hawkes does her “yodeling wail”. You know the one.
  • SIP each time you see that exact same picture they always recycle to establish  “Crossroads Junior High” because they were too cheap to edit the Japanese out of any other scenes.
  • SIP if Melvin says something ambiguously camp.
  • For later seasons; SIP each time someone mentions Amara and Michelle being cousins. TWO SIPS if it’s someone who has no resaon to know that they could possibly be related; say, Kaori Night.
  • SIP each time someone calls Rini “the Rabbit”.