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I am… I am green

I love Mondai No Aru Restaurant with all my heart and I want to make at least one more gifset highlighting how good it is, but I wanted to show Nitta’s speech first because it really got to me. When I was a kid and I played Sailor Moon with my friends, I actually WANTED to be Sailor Jupiter. She was strong and badass and yet traditionally feminine and I loved characters that were allowed to be both strong and girly, like Rogue from Saban’s X-Men. However, I had the same problem Nitta had. When roles were distributed, I could rarely be Jupiter because, even if I didn’t look like any of the Scouts, Makoto was the furthest to me. A short, fat, girly, bookworm kid like me wasn’t imposing, strong looking enough to be Jupiter. I had to be Mercury, she looked nothing like me but at least she was shy and nerdy. Sailor Moon is often put up there like a feminist anthem, like a broth in which current young feminists were brewed, and although I do recognize its merits, I also understand its shortcomings and I loved how this drama showed the other side of its impact on young girls.

I found it fascinating how Nitta is given green in the show’s restaurant, and she has a rocky yet developing relationship with a co-worker, who she considers an “enemy” for being everything she’s not (she values appearance and romance more than study and work). But it turns out that this girl was also always Jupiter in the playground and, when she gets a color in the restaurant, she’s orange, like Sailor Venus, the one with the shortest skirt and the love, beauty and light powers and who was an idol, often dismissed by girls I grew up around for the opposite, because she was “too feminine”. They both find out, through the episodes, that the only thing keeping them apart is internalized misogyny. 

This drama, much like Sailor Moon, has a female protagonist who wants to fight for justice, a less magical and more realistic kind of justice, putting up a restaurant after a friend of hers gets severely harassed in the workplace and trying to fight back to the sexist environment they work in. Much like Usagi, she has an entourage of girls with different personalities, identities and issues (a young hikikomori with severe social anxiety, an overachiever with low self esteem, a girl who seeks validation through male attention and is victim of abuse, a trans woman whose work is put into question constantly for her identity and not her talent, a career woman who left her job because it’s too difficult to try succeeding when she isn’t a man and a mother who’s constantly denigrated and finally abandoned by her husband, who is trying to take her son away from her). They’re not only fighting for a common goal of helping their leader, they’re all fighting for their own self respect, the defense of their own identities and a sense of equality that is constantly being taken away from them, in the most denigrating and sexist ways possible. So yeah, I love this drama and I sure hope I can make more gifsets to represent its amazingness, but this speech dealing with internalized misogyny and female competition through a Sailor Moon metaphor really deserved its own gifset. 


✧ A compilation of my “Sailor Merms” series ✧ 
I have a few more on the way and they will be made into prints in the near future. I can honestly say this is one of the funnest series I’ve worked on. ♡ 
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Hey guys!

Okay, so I’ve been really trying to get back on top of things since returning from Japan, and it hasn’t gone as intended. As I’ve mentioned before, the pocket wi-fi we rented in Tokyo ended up being… garbage, basically. I was able to update Instagram and Twitter and that was basically it, so I came back being pretty behind on work.

Now I’ve been hit with a one-two punch of jet lag and a cold my husband and I picked up in Japan, and as much as I’ve tried to make work progress these last few days I just can’t get anywhere. To top it off, my freelance gig called me in to work the rest of the week with a pretty hefty workload, so I have basically today to rest up and hope I can recover enough to work.

So, I’m going to be putting the brakes on and putting up my next entry (Sailor Mars!) this coming Monday or Tuesday. I just desperately need some recovery time and I don’t want to put out something sub-par because I’m overextending myself.

I really am very sorry for the spotty updating and I promise I will do my absolute best to get back on my recipe-a-week schedule ASAP! I have tons of photos/video clips from Japan I still want to edit into something resembling a Japan Pastry Rundown, too.

You guys are the best. Thank you for being so understanding about things so far. I look forward to being back with awesome content and a better energy level!