sailor mickey


Birthday invitations i made for my nephew’s 1st birthday (obviously the address is mostly erased). My sister loved the the top concepts,but it didn’t fit the sailor mickey theme. So i made more concepts, and she loved the first mickey, but brown wasn’t in the color scheme so she ended up choosing the middle mickey. I personally like the top ones :)

I wondered if @therealjacksepticeye happened to fall into “Toon Town” what would happen and who would notice first. Here’s the original as well. 

None of these characters belong to me, just the drawing, So please don’t post as your own!


Please send any and all commission questions involving pricing to my email. Please read the entire post before emailing me. 

I need all requirements involving your commission filled out and sent to my email in order to give an accurate price.

You! Yes You! Do you enjoy Cosplay? Do you enjoy Pillows shaped like your favorite character? Do you enjoy wearing cosplays other people have made? Do you enjoy helping the poor? Well you’re in luck good person reading this thing right now because I have a deal for you!

Commissions by me, Lee!

You want to dress up as your favorite character? No Problem!

You want to dress up as your own Design/OC? Hell yeah I can do that!

You want to rest your head on some soft fluff as you dream? let’s go Joe!

You want to dress up in a fur suit? ….I…I can’t do that, you’re going to need to go to someone else for that.

How much will this cost you you ask? It’s just the cost for Materials, Shipping, and base labor. Shipping changes depending on the size and complexity of it.

You on a budget? No Problem as long as it’s reasonable I’ll work with you to make the price more affordable. (Note: This may lead to using cheaper materials or only doing a portion of the cosplay)

(More Info under the cut)

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New Mickey Short! Featuring Donald Duck and his boating skills! I drew a lot of Daisy’s and Minnie’s in their cute little bikinis. Check it out!