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So i did this . Bonus :

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I went to an illustration fair this weekend so I had to print so many things, and one of the most hard and funny parts of the work is that we made handmade sketchbooks,  I really love the result *achieved goal* yay

I said we, I mean my boyfriend and me (you can actually see his hand in the video XD) Thank you for your support <3 

If I did makeup tutorials for Marceline, Anna, Ivy, and Punk Mercury would that be something y’all would want to see or would that just be weird? The only one that I’m unsure about how I’m doing rn is Mercury but that’s only because I haven’t cosplayed her yet. I have an idea that it’s just going to end up being this brown smokey eye with blue eyeliner but I’ve got two lip options to choose from so… would this be something anyone would be interested in? I’m looking for more content to put on my youtube and lacking inspiration.