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Noelian Fanvid - Hello by Adele

All of Adele’s music belongs to her, as well as the respective owners of the video media used in the video. This is a fan made video purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, there is no profit made from this work.


This is how I spent my saturday^^ I’m kinda proud of it although it’s a bit stiff. Only my second animation and a lot more complex than the one before. I had a lot of fun, Future Sailors is probably my favourite live show although it doesn’t have as much of a plot. I just enjoy the songs and the fancy costumes^^

Strangely everything I draw ends up looking like it was made for children without me even trying… well, with the Boosh it’s not that far off, is it?^^


Boosh Photo Challenge, Day 28: Nana

There’s been no shortage in this fandom of nana-based looks–it’s become a THING for us–but the Glam Goth Rock Star Nanas of the Future Sailors tour era are definitely my favorites, even over classic Glamour Nana.

I’m not sure what it is that makes it work so well. It’s just a nana dress, prim cardigan and a strand of pearls… then again, maybe it’s the fact that they’re paired with Alice Cooper eye makeup, gold boots with fuck-me heels, and a whole lot of attitude. It’s not a combination that seems like it should be either beautiful or outrageously sexy in theory, but it’s improbably BOTH of those things in reality. Maybe it’s because Noel and Julian had never before looked so at ease at embracing their rock star destinies. Maybe it’s the contrasts that make it work. Maybe it’s so wrong it’s right. Maybe we all have nana fetishes.

I don’t know why it works so well. But there’s no question that it does.