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Sailor Avengers Assemble!

Hey guys, I don’t often reblog old art but let’s try an experiment where we reblog Sailor Avengers directly from me instead of other sources!  All my love (also feel free to delete this last sentence upon reblog if you wish.)


Some of the most powerful women I know (even if they aren’t real)! Also some of my biggest woomun crushes I have that helped me realize my inner gay. ~(◡ω◡✿)

I liked the color skeletons, so I will post that too. (:

Bruce Banner was just a normal teenage boy who had two terrible secrets.

The first secret was his huge crush on Clint Barton. Clint was also a normal teenage boy who surely never did anything unusual. He was always really nice to Bruce, which was why Bruce had to pretend not to like him. Otherwise Clint would know he had a crush on him, which would have been terrible.

His second secret was he was a terrible demon trying to take over the world, but that was much less interesting than his love life.

Bruce’s demon half had an arch enemy who was the most annoying magical boy in the universe: Hawkeye. Hawkeye liked to show up whenever Bruce tried to exercise his right to take over the world. Bruce didn’t know the secret identity of Hawkeye, for the young man always wore a cowl. Plus, he was really good at spinning around while lights flashed everywhere, blinding Bruce.

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What is the identity of the mysterious Magical Boy Hawkeye? Will Bruce ever be nice to Clint? When will they get married like they’re totally gonna? Find out next time on…Sailor Hulk!

In the name of the Gamma Bomb, I will punish you!


Spiderman and Hawkeye make their debut! I debated for a while about whether to embroider the web on Spidey, but everytime I tried it looked ridiculous so I left it out.

I’m slowly working on all of the Sailor Scouts, Hulk and the Robins, and am having a surprisingly difficult time trying to find a yarn that would make a good skin tone for Nick Fury or Falcon. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! 

I’m planning to redesign the blog soon, sometimes my holidays feel busier then the semester!

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Char goes to DCC2015 full album
Click the link for 150 photos. I've included Gundam highlighs below in the post!
By Imgur

I found a Lego Sazabi!!

Look at all that detail!!!!!

The talented guy that built Lego Sazabi!

18ft Gundam Costume!!(Photo via: Nuriko455) I missed seeing this guy since they apparently made them move into a side room to stop blocking foot traffic with a huge crowd. Sailor Planet Hulk of the Sailor Avengers flagged me down later that day and asked if I’d seen it then gave me “Drunken Bob Productions” as their info. Definately need to see them the next time they plan on setting it up!

I ran into another Newtype on vacation!! Much Zeons were Sieged!

My “Zaku Dangerous”(+”Magella Top Booster”) and “Char’s Oggo”(A.K.A. “Psycho Ogoo”) came in 2nd place at the model kit competition!! There really wasn’t much competition in all honesty - 2 shoe-box diaoramas of Riker and a Ferangi playing Monopoly on the Holodeck and an AT-ST at the Battle of Endor that came in 1st place and a Dinosaur that came in 3rd. Hooray free T-Shirt and not coming in last place!


It was good times. Met a lot of kickass Cosplayers and Gundam fans!!

Char vs. Predator


Full album here:

Thank you for a wonderful time, Denver!! See you at NDK!


Hulk makes his debut! This has been a much requested character that took me a long time to make for some reason! I tried to adjust the pattern I usually base the characters off to give him a bit more height and weight. Hopefully he looks muscly!

And to finish off the Sailor Moon family, Tuxedo Mask! I love making top hats haha, they’re so fun and so cute.

Tomorrow I’ll be uploading a free pattern: Luna and Artemis amigurumi! So keep an eye out.

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