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HaruMichi photoshoot: Part One

Super Sailor Neptune: Meriel // @ocean-queen-meriel //

Super Sailor Uranus: Saku //

Photo: Vivien Harmat //

Halászbástya, Budapest, Hungary


Drawing Cloud because husband-o #1 xD
Obviously husband-o #2 is Terra from KH

Added some more sketches to the previous sketch drawing… dump… thingy?

Uraraka is waifu… if she was older. For now, I’ll just see her as an adorable little sister whom I’m very protective of.

Also pinup poses for drawing the female body in realistic perspective in order to understand how the body folds and so on.

I got some HaruMichi headcanons

Haruka likes to back Michiru into a wall and starts kissing her. And Michiru places her hands on Haruka’s hips and it makes her shiver.

Michiru reads poetry and plays by Shakespeare and similar authors and reads excerpts to Haruka when they sit on the living room couch together.

Haruka and Michiru cook and bake together like cookies and pies and they get into little food fights like throwing dashes of flour at each other. And when they get closer, Michiru pokes Haruka’s cheek lightly and leaves flour on it and Haruka doesn’t realise it until Michiru keeps giggling.

Michiru knows how much Haruka likes salads, so she makes sure to always have vegetables in the fridge. And in turn, Haruka makes sure that Michiru has her favorite kinds of tea in the pantry.

They always set aside a day out of the week to watch movies or go out shopping or eat at a restaurant, or do some kind of activity that relaxes them.