sailor england


SPRA line thrower

Designed by Alfred James Schermuly and produced during the 1920′s as the Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus.
1 ¾" caliber muzzle fitted over a 1″/26,5mm pistol section.

The SPRA was used by sailors to throw lines of rope to runaway boats or overboard crew. It used a two-stage rocket propelled by a blank cartridge, giving it its proper course, and an internal charge to fly it the rest of the way.

three Schermuly rockets

These guns were conversion of the ubiquitous ‘Very’ flare guns manufactured by Webley, in these cases the MkV and MkIII variants.

a Webley and Scott N°1 MkV flare pistol

if the 2Ps were secretly in fandoms
  • 2p!america: kingdom hearts
  • 2p!china: sailor moon
  • 2p!england: my little pony
  • 2p!france: one direction
  • 2p!russia: supernatural
  • 2p!italy: the hunger games
  • 2p!japan: pokemon
  • 2p!germany: steven universe
  • 2p!canada: degrassi
  • 2p!romano: monster high
  • 2p!austria: black butler
  • 2p!prussia: harry potter
The Black guy died first.

As we celebrate this day of American Independence, let’s take a moment to remember the very first man who died for what-would-become-the-United-States.

His name was Crispus Attucks.

His father was a Black slave and his mother was from the Natick tribe. Crispus ran away from his childhood plantation. He became a respected sailor in New England. Whilst in Boston in 1770, a dispute with redcoats led to them opening fire on Crispus and then several others. This incident became known as “The Boston Massacre”, which, you’ll recall, jump-started the American Revolution.

As Black people are shot in the streets (and churches) on a daily basis, as Native tribes are further displaced, and as White people desperately cling to a symbol of bigotry, let’s take a moment to remember when the death of a Black man and Native American inspired this country to change for the better.

Happy 4th, y'all.


Okay I already put this on my Instagram but seriously, this made me so happy I have to put this here.

I met these two on the first day as Jeremy again (but without the question mark) and the coolest thing happened. They recognized my Mike craft from instsgram. I thought that was super cool.

On the third day, I went as rebornica’s Jeremy, and ran into these two again in the dealers hall. They were super cool and then proceed to tell me I’m their Jeremy senpai, and actually freak out meeting me. This was like the first time this has ever happened to me and seriously, these two brought the biggest smile on my face. I left the dealers hall moments later to look for someone, but came back and ran into them yet again. And when we saw each other again, since I was rebornica’s Jeremy and hers like Sailor Moon, they gave me the pin above. Never had anyone recognized me or even bought me anything like that, and seriously, this brought so much joy to me.