sailor disney

I tried to do an Art Style Challenge with my amazing Team Leader Candela! ೕ(`・୰・´)و ̑

Unfortunately it didn’t go so well but therfore it took me forever (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ
//I already apologize for the weird backgrounds and twisted poses & that my own style looks so boring (it’s still under construction)//


I thought this would be a good first project for 2017 and before school starts. This was fun to do and I tried my best to stick to the styles

the didney one is weird and the undertale one is probably my fav.


fight like a girl  headers

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Be our fan! Be our fan! Watch the episode again!


Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride

and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a

chair as the dining room proudly presents -

your life ruiner!

Be our guest! Be our guest!

Put our plotpoints to the test

Hold your handkerchief to cheek, cherie

And we’ll provide the rest

Death du jour - 

Feels we feel!

Why, you know, this isn’t real!

Try to suffer


It’s delicious


Don’t believe me? We are vicious!

They can sing, they can dance

Most of all – they have no chance!

And a climax here is never second best

Go on, unfold your crush

Take a glance and – hush! -

Be our guest

Oui, our guest

Be our guest!

Lumiere and Chorus:

Fate ragout

Tears souffle

Souls and curses “en flambe”


We’ll prepare and serve with flair

A tragicomic cabaret!

You’re alone

And you’re scared

But the story arch’s prepared

You are gloomy and complaining

While your woe is entertaining

We tell jokes, do a trick

You are helpless and you stick


And it’s all in perfect taste

That you can bet

Come on and lift your glass

You’ve won your own free pass

To be out guest


If you’re stressed

It’s fine whining we suggest


Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guest!