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We’re so excited to announce that little Robbie will be joining us this year as Sailor Chibi Moon!! 💕🌙 Don’t worry though, our little Riley will also still be Chibi Moon! The kids will take turns on different days, so that it won’t be too much on them!! We will announce what days we will have Robbie with us and what days we will have Riley when we straighten out our schedules, so stay tuned for that!! ✨🌙 He is super excited to be a part of the team! After watching his mom, aunts, and sister dress up for two years, he finally came out and said, “Can I dress up too??” OF COURSE YOU CAN BUDDY!! #chibimooncosplay #sailormoon #sistersenshi #cosplay

I got a request for Sailor Moon themed Dean and Castiel. Heck yeah, I’ll draw that! 😆👌
(Thanks for encouraging me to keep pacticing, Lauren.) 😘

*Dean is secretly a Sailor Moon fan, but he needed an excuse to get Cas to play along as Tuxedo Mask*

“You gotta keep holding my hand the whole day, Cas.”

“In case the vampires attack?”

“Yes. Exactly.” 😏

*Bonus- Castiel won’t stop lunging at anyone dressed as a vampire. It turned out to be a long day.*


I’m screaming internally (and a little externally) at these photos of my Wicked Lady / Black Lady costume! A million thank you’s to @blurryeyes for the photos! There are construction / in-progress pics on my cosplay facebook ( Gonna get a little sappy - this costume means a lot to me. I remember watching Sailor Moon ar age 11 or 12, seeing this character and thinking “whoa, cool dress”. It’s been on my wishlist since before I knew what cosplay was. I put it off a long time because I never thought I had the skills or was skinny enough to pull of Sailor Moon characters. Then, pregnancy hit! I got huge, gaining about 50 lbs. I managed to lose all that weight plus a few pounds, so to celebrate I made this. I’m so happy with how the dress and wig came out, and with how I look in it! So, a zillion thank you’s to Blurryeyes! This is my #moondream!