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Dragon*Con 2017 - Friday

Luna Noah (Lunar Silver Star Story Complete) - Me
Hawkeye (Marvel in the 70s) - @themathpuppy

Not in costume: @greyeyedwarden

Other Costumes:
Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Ty Lee (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Princess Leia (Star Wars- A New Hope)
General Leia (Star Wars- The Force Awakens)
Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
Super Saiyan Bra (Dragon Ball Super)

Also seen:
Jill Frappier, Susan Roman, Katie Griffin, Linda Ballantyne (Voices of Luna, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon)

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WIPWIPWIPWIP I know there’s a ton left to do.

So I have a shit ton of progress left on this and I have to move out of my apartment by the 29th and what do I do instead of packing or, you know, actual progress? Spend way too long trying to find a nice middle ground between androgynous and makeup that’ll show up in pictures. 

I’m not particularly pleased with a lot of this but it was sort of a last-minute decision that I figured would be really comfortable for AX. The boyfriend and my roommate still can’t get over that I’m cosplaying Sailor URANUS LOL. My boyfriend’s second comment was then “…that’s a lesbian haircut” to which I had a giggle. I mean, come on, they’re totally cousins. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Merchandise Ideas
  • Shabon Spray laundry detergent
  • Sailor Moon’s Pigtails shoelaces
  • Mother Ikuko rice cooker
  • Queen Serenity age-defying face mask
  • Sailor Jupiter’s anti-congestion nasal spray
  • Fire Soul zippo lighter
  • Doorbell
  • Prince Dimande toilet brush
  • Rolling Heart neck massager
  • Condoms (entire box front features just Tuxedo Mask’s face and the message “be careful ok”)

anonymous asked:

The picture of Usagi and her breast comparison: it's called a push up. You don't wear a bra to bed.

Anon, just trust me on this one: there is not a push-up bra in the world that can make a breast size go from this

to this

gentlemama-deactivated20170415  asked:

For the Christmas AUs: "we're coworkers who hate each other but you drank too much at the office party..." Pretty please? Thank you!

combining this with an anon’s prompt:

Please write a drabble about the holiday party that changes to a tropical theme so that the clothes must come off and our faves can ogle each other and get busy in some secluded supply closet!!!

and shoutout to @peetasbunmyoven for the help too <3

“This is probably the most inappropriate office holiday party in the history of office holiday parties ever,” Katniss says, eyeballing the tacky array of Hawaiian shirts and sailor skirts and coconut bras. “This doesn’t even make sense.”

“You wouldn’t be saying that if we lived in the Bahamas,” Finnick points out, sucking his spiced eggnog through a straw. A nonsensical pink umbrella garnishes the cup. “Or Australia even.”

She looks at him and his outfit. He’s one of the idiots dressed in a coconut bra. “But we don’t,” she argues. “How did HR even approve this?”

He shrugs. “It’s after hours. I don’t know. Also, Cato’s a creep.”

He’s not wrong about that. Cato Steele, CEO of Steele and Associates, is a giant sleazeball. She has no doubt he organized this holiday party to feature minimal clothing just so he could ogle all the half-naked female associates at the engineering and architect firm.

Katniss made sure to dress conservatively, in a black A-line dress with a red cardigan and gold sparkly heels. Tropical theme be damned. It’s 30 degrees outside!

“I need a drink,” she announces, and Finnick salutes her as she stalks off toward the bar. She asks the bartender for something called a Naughty Rudolph and waits, drumming her fingers on the bar.

“Where’s your holiday spirit, Everdeen?”

She closes her eyes at the voice behind her and takes a deep breath. “I’m the only one who’s even dressed appropriately for this damn holiday,” she retorts, turning around to glare at her least favorite coworker.

Peeta Mellark flashes her a droll, lopsided grin and points to the Santa hat on his head. “Wrong, like always, Everdeen.”

She rolls her eyes but can’t stop them from flicking down the length of his body. She’s not prepared to see him in a surfer tank top that showcases his unbelievably broad shoulders and muscular arms. His orange board shorts are slim-fitting, and despite his stupid flip flops, his calves look amazingly fit.

She quickly looks away to grab her drink. “You look ridiculous,” she tells him.

“Really? Is that why you look so flushed?” he says mockingly, and she grits her teeth before forcing a bored, unconcerned laugh, looking him square in the eye.

“No, I’m flushed because I’m embarrassed I work with such idiots,” she says, capping her insult with a haughty swig of her drink before flouncing off in search of Finnick, or somebody, literally anybody else but Mellark.

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