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Heyyy!! I made a trade post!! Do you have some petite blindbox figure doubles, or didn’t get your ultra-fave outer senshi? PLEASE HMU!!

Updated: July 23rd 2017

Based on like, ‘rarity’ or popularity or whatnot, I favor trades of senshi in uniform for senshi in uniform and civilian mamo for civilian ami or makoto (or candy mercury) i may consider buying petites listed here off someone if you want to make an offer, so feel free to ask. 

Sailor Moon Petit Chara I own

  • Civilian Mamoru ON HOLD for @lunariangypsy for SSMoon!
  • Sailor Pluto
  • Sailor Chibimoon + Luna P
  • Sailor Saturn

I am seeking to trade for: 

  • Senshi Jupiter***
  • Sailor Uranus***
  • Sailor Mercury 
  • Super Sailor Moon ON HOLD in exchange for Mamoru!

Lower priority but still interested in: 

  • Civilian Ami
  • Civilian Makoto 
  • Candy Mercury

No box is fine; only S.H. Figurarts Hotaru comes with her box (and all parts in new condition!). Please do not offer bootlegs, I will require photos of the one you’re trading! All of the ones I own are are official figures.

Here are my photos of Hotaru and the Chibi Petits, (though I’ve since recycled the boxes and I got Mamoru later!)

I will pay my own S/H if you pay yours; if you’re outta the USA do let me know upfront so we can be aware of the higher s/h costs.

I like to throw a heck-ton of bonus goodies in my packages and if you trade and/or buy a lot from me I’ll doodle you a senshi ACEO ❤️

Please private message me if you’re interested! I’ll update this post whenever something happens. Reblogs appreciated!

Did the 20 artstyle challenge! It took a long time…

All the characters and backgrounds were drawn by me but the logos were not!


Finally cosplayed ALL the magical girls! (Okay not even close to all but a good few from some of my favorite series’!) Clearly, I have a thing for blondes. 💁 🌙💕

Cosplays by @jdcosplay
Venus photo by T. Kirk Photography


Bad Bunny ❤️🐰🌙

a punky usagi i worked on off and on all last year-i’m just not satisfied with my colored pencil work anymore, so i took markers to it!! i guess her silver millennium tat would be better on her chest, but… it’s fiiine! i’ll probably put this in a future sketch dump. i feel like i’m making up for the fact i never drew any SM fanart as a kid, slowly….

Hey guys✌

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Dear Younger Me...

You will learn how to draw feet-

You will learn how to draw hands-

You will get pretty good at drawing hair-

You will get better at drawing eyes-

You will get better at drawing mouths-

You will be able to draw characters from the side, with different looking noses-

You will finally be able to draw muscles and fat-

You will be able to draw bones and skeletons that look like actual bones and skeletons-

You will be able to draw animals, monsters, and fantasy creatures-

You will be able to draw kissing-

You will be able to draw and design the characters you imagine in your head-

You’ll stop making all the characters you draw white and you’ll stop imagining most characters as white-

You’ll figure out how to create illustrations, and use different styles-

You will be able to draw real people-

You’ll get better at drawing than you used to be-


hey friends! i recently made a redbubble!!

i only have these two stickers up right now (sleep animals and sailor moon), but i hope to put up more soon! hopefully i’ll have bigger art for more variety in sizes/items…

but if you’d like some cute stickers to put up around places, check my page out!!

(i ordered some for myself/friends too, pics under the cut!)

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some fandoms that i’m interested in [ or am trying to get into ] and would love some exposure to are :

homestuck [ ! ]
ranma 1 / 2


v mild mental health positivity + lgbtqia inclusivity appreciated as well

edit :

hey i forgot attack on titan



sorry to tired at the moment to finish anything else, I just got back from Germany ; )

-Sailor Moon because I really want to draw her again and I got inspired by seeing so much Sailor Moon merch in Germany

Underfell Sans and Underswap Sans, -

characters from my comic @Orimonsters, human main characters with their Ori Monster partners Huang and Momo Pink and Faust

- Bee and Puppycat

-various characters from Steven Universe 


I did it! 😄 I finished framing all my drawings for #SDCC. ❤ I tapped into my nerd strength and got em done! 💪😁 Im so excited to go to #SanDiegoComicCon! 😆 It’s going to be amazing. Come and see me at my booth #4723! I’ll be there being my nerdy self all week! 🤓😘