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onwardmotley  asked:

Top ten Hotaru outfits, please? (your lists are HILARIOUS by the way, I love them)


I have done too much research on this topic and I find that there is a stark divide between “outfits Hotaru chose herself” and “outfits Hotaru definitely did NOT choose herself,” so these are listed more or less in order of the personal autonomy involved

10. “Hey Michiru, what do babies wear”
“I’m thinking ruffles, and a bow that is also a pompom”
“Oh cool. Hey Michiru, are babies supposed to have hands”
“No dear those grow in later”
“Right of course”

9. This HAS to be a hand-me-down from Chibiusa. There’s no other explanation.

8. Haruka bought this pale yellow cardigan under the mistaken impression that this is what all young girls enjoy wearing (making zero exceptions for the fact that this young girl is the guardian of death) and Hotaru only sometimes puts it on to make Haruka feel good about herself 

7. We used to have sunhats that perfectly matches the trim of our sweaters, but not since The Accident

6. Quick and easy DIY Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay

5. Goth on top, Lolita Fashion Doll Maker Online on the bottom

4. Some Hotaru Classic™, but with a floral twist, which in retrospect seems like the obvious choice, since nothing represents death and rebirth better than a perennial plant

3. I could easily make a “this kid only shops at Hot Topic” joke, but Hot Topic only WISHED it had Hotaru’s simple clarity 

2. I just want to point out that Hotaru almost never even leaves her house, but when she does it’s gotta be the “a woman in the Victorian era was buried in this shawl” ensemble

1. This is the ultimate Hotaru Tomoe aesthetic. I would totally believe that this is a French schoolgirl growing up in early-to-mid-20th century Paris running through the cobblestone sidestreets with a heel of bread, using the tall smokestacks as a landmark once the sun gets too low. 


It was a beautiful misty morning and the seagulls were flying North and as I pass through the fog I can upon a little bed of seaweed drifting in the waves. Upon which lay a sleeping baby. And when I picked him up and held him I said to myself ‘What a perfect little angel’. His golden curls must be made of sunlight and the soft voice from the soothing surf. His eyes were made from the stars in the night sky. And his ears were made of…well, they looked like eggs. And as I removed the seaweed he was so delicately wrapped in I smiled and knew you were my little baby, Flapjack, my little dream come true.