🌊 ‘To Sink a Sailor’ Spell 🌊

a spell calling upon the powers of a mermaid to symbolically drown someone

🌊  one of the various powers of mermaids is to drown someone’s spirit, which gives them the feeling of things in life becoming too much, and sinking under the weight of the stress and negativity.

🌊  perform this spell only with a mermaid you have a working relationship with, and only with their consent. 

🌊  gather: sea water, a bowl, a poppet, a representative object of the person, an offering, twine and an “anchor”. 

🌊  build the poppet around the representative object.

🌊  follow the procedure of normally contacting a mermaid with the bowl and sea water.

🌊  if the mermaid does not agree to help, stop the spell right there and end the communication, give them their offering.

🌊  if they agree, bind the poppet with the offering and an anchor

🌊  lay the poppet in the bowl, and thank the mermaid. close the communication.