sailing the spanish main

Okay okay, but… hear me out: a deancas pirate!au. Where Castiel is one of the most fearsome pirates in the Spanish main; captain of Angel, a brigantine with sails rumoured to be made out of the material of the night sky, the twenty-nine year-old is wanted by the British Crown for piracy and breaking privateering contracts. He’s currently being hunted by Officer Dean Winchester, a young man who came from nothing and is working through the ranks in an attempt to put his younger brother through school in America. 

When Dean finds himself in the brig of Angel, the last thing he expects is Castiel’s kindness; but it turns out that soldiers can and do rebel for the right reasons… and that, though Cas us a merciless pirate, his biggest weakness is having too much heart. 

Liner Notes: Chapter 4

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Summary:  CS rockstar/actress AU. Killian Jones, lead singer of the band Crimson Flag, has been burned in the past by love and turned his heartbreak into a hit album, Hook. But with his new single, I Still Do, he’s ready to proclaim to the world that he still believes in love. All he needs is an actress to appear in the song’s music video and he has just the one in mind - TV star Emma Swan.

(Jenna’s ongoing birthday present, hope you’re still enjoying this captainswanismyendgame)

Rating: Still T 

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                                                     Chapter Four   

Filming started bright and early the morning after the welcome dinner, at an eighteenth century fort that had been restored and turned into a museum. The main scene they were shooting was a confrontation between Killian’s pirate captain and August’s naval officer character, that would end with crossed swords and an escape aided by the pirate captain’s crew as played by Rob and Will.

While the crew set up the equipment the band and August all got into costume. The wardrobe trailer was so tiny that they had to go one at a time, getting dressed and then moving over to the equally small hair and makeup trailer where Anna and Elsa were set up. August went through the mini assembly line first, Killian was last. His elaborate costume took a while to wrangle into place and by the time he finally had everything on both his bandmates were done in the other trailer and had gone on ahead to set.

The sisters welcomed him in and sat him down in a barber’s chair, quickly getting to work. Elsa clipped his hair back from his face while Anna poked around in a giant makeup case, coming up with a small bottle of skin coloured liquid and a sponge.

“Do you want me to cover up the scar?” she asked, squinting at his cheek. A souvenir from a bar fight during the worst of his post-Milah days, it was frequently airbrushed out of photos or covered with makeup when they performed or appeared on TV. He decided in that moment to stop hiding it, the mark was a reminder of his lowest point but he was past that now and it no longer gave him a twinge whenever he looked at it in the mirror.

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